Let us help you harness the power of APIs with Claris FileMaker Pro

While our primary development efforts at NRG revolve around shipping and carrier APIs, we often assist other Claris developers with projects related to other APIs. With our knowledge of XML and JSON creation and parsing, we can often provide assistance to jumpstart integrations and save considerable time and effort. Contact our sales department for more information on our development services.

ShipStation APIs

We recently did a projet where a customer was implementing NRGship for Endicial Label Server to replace label generation thru ShipStation. The customer wanted to maintain their existing multi-channel order downloads in ShipStation for the time being, but wanted more finite control over label generation from FileMaker. Their workflow consisted of downloading orders (TXT) from ShipStation and importing into their FileMaker ERP. While we were able to quickly add the label generation functionality to their solution, the ShipStation order download only provided limited data. In order to update track info in ShipStation, we needed the order’s internal ID which was not provided in the download. By implementing ShipStation APIs to search for orders, we were able to get the internal ID, and afterwards utilize that ID to update the order and add the appropriate tracking information.

Acuity Scheduling

We responded to a post on FaceBook where a member of the FileMaker community was looking to access their appointment data from the web based Accuity Scheduling system from their FileMaker database. We created a simple database using Insert from URL that would query appointment data and then add or update records in the FileMaker table based on the query result. In addition, another function was created to download client data from Accuity so that it could be used as a Source of Truth for customer information.

Veryfi Invoice Data

We helped another developer who was looking to utlilize the Veryfi API to extract data from PDF invoices. We built scripts which would encode and upload a PDF document from a container field, and then parse out the invoice and line item data from the JSON into FileMaker records.

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Webinar: Business Insights from Earvin “Magic” Johnson

Hear Magic Johnson’s insights on business, perseverance, and achievement.

What does it take to win both on and off the court? Nobody can answer that question better than former NBA Legend Earvin “Magic” Johnson. In this exclusive VIP event, Magic Johnson goes one-on-one with Gerard Gibbons, UPS President of Small Business and U.S. Marketing, to talk about facing obstacles, achieving goals, and what it takes for your business to survive and thrive during these difficult times.

Thursday, September 17
1:00 p.m. EDT

Click here to learn more

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Sanitize for Safety: How to properly disinfect your devices

Thoroughly disinfecting your Zebra devices on a routine basis is essential to controlling the spread of infections and maintaining the safety of your employees.

Follow these guidelines — organized by product and model number — to implement an effective cleaning protocol.

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How can I export my UPS Address Book for use in NRGship?

Whether you have been using UPS.com or WorldShip for your shipping needs, you can easily export your address book information for use in NRGship.

UPS.com Address Book

WorldShip Address Book

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How to process USMCA shipments with NRGship

This article is current as of July 2020. It will be updated as we receive new information from our carrier partners.


As of July 1st, 2020, the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA) will replace the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). Some shipments that cross the borders of these countries may require special import forms.

For USMCA details and forms, go to the U.S. Customs and Border Protection USMCA page. For NAFTA information, go to the U.S. Customs and Border Protection NAFTA page.


Currently the UPS Developer Kit APIs do not support the new USMCA forms for automated processing.  You will need to produce your own USMCA forms and apply them to the outside of packages. You can find more information on USMCA and a sample form for UPS shipments using this link.


Currently the FedEx Shipment APIs do not support the new USMCA forms for automated processing.  You will need to produce your own USMCA forms and apply them to the outside of packages. You can find more information on USMCA and a sample form for FedEx shipments using this link. We are working on an update where you can attach a PDF version of the FedEx form to your shipment.


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