FileMaker Pro Image Magnifier

We were recently working on a project where a container field contained a detailed image and thought it would be useful if the user could zoom in on some areas.

With a FileMaker web viewer you can make use of JavaScript to add funtionality in FileMaker that doesn’t exist. With a quick Google Search we found a library that allowed magnification of images. We then created a test HTML document that magnified an image. That text was copied into a global template field and we replaced the image URLs with slugs. We then created a calc field in FileMaker to replace the slugs with container data encoded as Base64. In the video below, you can see how we went thru the process of adding the calculation. You can download our sample file here.

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What’s the best way to ship from FileMaker Pro?

With NRGship and FileMaker Pro you have two options for shipping and choosing between them often depends on what makes sense for your workflow.

Integrated shipping is our preferred method and it allows you to utilize the full capabilites of NRGship across your organization on the desktop or iOS. We often suggest that things start during order entry with address validation. This ensures that the recipient information is correct before the order ever hits your shipping department, and allows you to have a clean address in your backend CRM for future use. From your order, it’s easy to add simple rating functionality based on the content of your order so that you can charge your customer based on the estimate, or provide expedited service options based on a certain delivery date. Once the order has shipped, cost information can be returned back to the order along with the tracking number. The tracking number then provides visibility right on the order without having to check the carrier software or website. With integrated shipping you can seamlessly utilize the power of your shipping carriers without ever leaving your own database.

Overview: Integrated Shipping

Keyed shipping most closely resembles the process you would have using carrier software integrated with FileMaker. You would key in an order number and the data would appear in the shipment. The shipping staff then adds packages, validates the address, runs rates and produces the shipping label. After shipment, the cost information is returned back to your order so that you have visibility across your organization. Since NRGship is built with FileMaker Pro, you can leverage it’s functionality to provide far more complex shipping than you could with the carrier software alone.

Overview: Keyed Shipping

NRGship is a Carrier Certfied provider that powers hundreds of businesses who ship UPS, FedEx and USPS with FileMaker Pro without the need to setup external services or perform complex API coding. Contact our sales staff to setup a time for a demo of NRGship and see how it can improve your entire business.

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NRGship Pro update adds requested features

The Q1 2021 update of NRGship Pro includes two new features requested by customers. Favorites allow you to save common shipments for repeat shipping which can greatly simplify complex multipackage or international shipments. The continuity camera allows you to use an iOS device to add a photo of your shipment so that you can capture what was placed into a package. Please watch the videos below for a brief overview of these new features.

Overview: Favorites
Overview: Continuity Camera

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Automate WordPress content from FileMaker Pro

Recently we did a project where we assisted with editing specific content areas on a WordPress site with data from Claris FileMaker Pro. Rather than adjust the whole web page, we had a WordPress plugin modified so that their plugin could be accessed via REST API to simplify changing of data.

In this specific use case, our customer runs multiple soup locations and the soup availability changes from day to day. They maintain an internal production schedule in FileMaker Pro so it was only natual to extend their store offerings to be managed using a similar method.

Previously, store staff had to maintain the website manually on a daily basis. Now store staff can login to a WebDirect area where the soup offerings can be scheduled thru a calendar interface into the future for weeks at a time.

On the website itself, the web designer mocked up the site using slugs of data which then get substituted with the dynamic content when viewed.

During the day, the soup market staff can log back in to the web portal and update the offerings for the current day if they run out or need to substitute with a new product. When changes are complete, the website is immediately updated.

In addition, we were able to automate the creation of hundreds of pages in WordPress containing ingredients for each soup. Now, if a recipe changes the website is updated immediately to reflect the change so the store customers can check for any food sensitivity issues.

Please contact our sales department if you’d like to discuss ways that NRG Software can help you automate your WordPress site.

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NRGship Status Notifications

NRGship solutions differ from other products on the market because we dont’ act as a middle-man as part for standard shipping functions like validation, rating, shipping and tracking. NRGship communicates directly with our shipping carrier partners via APIs to reduce potential points of failure for your shipping operation.

As an effort to be fully transparent, NRG Software monitors the carrier APIs using a variety of methods and we encourage our users to signup for notifications of outages to reduce the need to contact NRG if you’re experiencing issues. You can view our status page at

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