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Just Another Friday at the Office

Pulling into the parking lot, I noticed a unmarked (white) DHL truck behind me. It pulled up to the building, two guys jumped out and quickly threw the drop box into the back. It sure seems that they are fast-tracking the halt of domestic services. If you’re relying on DHL for your shipments, you may want to check out the UPS Switch and Save program.

DHL drop box being carried off

DHL drop box being carried off

DHL to Focus on Intl shipments

As expected, DHL announced today that it’s going to focus on international shipments for US-based origins. Domestic services will end Jan 30, 2009. International shipping stays as-is. Operating costs are reduced by over 80%.

Resolving Undeliverable Addressing

A recent article in Mailing Systems Technology states that “Approximately 24% of the nearly 200 billion pieces of mail the Postal Service handles each year have address inaccuracies. These address inaccuracies can mean non-delivery, slowed delivery, returned mail and mail delivered to the wrong address. A significant amount of Standard mail never arrives at all! Not only are postage, printing and processing wasted, the opportunity to sell a product or contact a customer is missed.”

NRG’s Address Validation solution helps to ease addressing woes by allowing you to validate address data at time of entry.

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