Take control of inbound logistics with UPS Import Control

NRGShip Pro was recently updated to include support for UPS Import Control. With UPS Import Control you can easily create shipping labels which can be provided to your supplier for shipment to your or another third-party. By creating the inbound label yourself,  you have full visibility to the shipments progress.

From the International Forms tab you can easily simply check a box and choose a label type to create your inbound labels.

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Inside UPS driver boot camp

The Washingtonian recently got a glimpse inside UPS’s driver training facility, Integrad, in Landover, MD. While UPS is shipping company, they excel in creating best practices for repetitive tasks. UPS’s “340 Methods” tell drivers the most efficient way to do just about anything, such as buckling your seat belt with your left hand while starting the ignition with your right or beeping your horn every three seconds when backing up for safety. Do you think you have what it takes to be a driver? Check out the full article…

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UPS Trackpad Helps Haiti Relief

Utilizing UPS Trackpad technology, the Salvation Army was able to streamline the January 2010 Haiti earthquake relief distribution.


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Simplify Int’l Shipping with UPS Paperless Invoicing

UPS Paperless InvoiceNow that the holiday season is coming, one of the best ways to ease your international shipping pains is to utilize UPS Paperless Invoicing thru NRGship Pro for UPS. UPS Paperless Invoice eliminates the need for paper commercial invoices by transmitting commercial invoice data to enable clearance by Customs offices across the globe. Just access the signup page at ups.com and have a digital image of your company letterhead and signature ready.

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UPS Promotes Logistics in Chicago

To further promote UPS’ focus on global branding, a Flash Mob-style dance was staged in Chicago yesterday for some unsuspecting pedestrians. Be sure to check out their new promo spot as well!

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