ApparelMagic now features NRGship!

ApparelMagic, a FileMaker-based retail sales and inventory management system, now features integration with NRGship UPS and NRGship FedEx in their latest release.  ApparelMagic has been serving the fashion industry for 25+ years offering integrated accounting, EDI, shipping and management software. They have chosen to integrate with NRG because they see great value in adding integrated shipping into their solution.

With NRG, customers can now create UPS or FedEx shipments directly from their invoices and return costs and tracking data back to the invoice immediately after the shipment is created. Customers can also use NRGship to create shipments outside of ApparelMagic, view shipping history and batch track or ship orders.

Be sure to check out how easy it is to ship from ApparelMagic with NRGship. The site offers a video demonstration and a full list of integration features. Get started today with a free 15 day trial!

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GarageSale, meet NRGship UPS…

Shipping your eBay auctions just got a whole lot easier! NRG is very excited to announce that NRGship UPS is now integrated with the latest release of GarageSale 6. GarageSale is an application for the eBay auction system built for Mac OS X. It allows you to create and manage your eBay auctions from your desktop with free image hosting and over 140 auction designs.

Users can now ship their auctions via UPS with ease by using NRGship UPS and update tracking information instantly. Be sure to visit the NRG site for more information on shipping UPS from GarageSale and a video demonstration. Be sure to get yourself started with our free trial! It’ll make your life hassle free, we promise.

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Add some flair to your packages!

mmiinn has created a great way for shippers and packagers to add the illusion of strong adhesion on box sealing tape. X-tape [hinge] is set to debut this fall and is a great way to add a little flair to your shipments. The idea was birthed in Seoul, South Korea to create an image of packages wrapped tight with hinges. You can now create shipping labels from your Mac and ship them in style with X-tape.

We thought this was a clever way to dress up packages. Information on ordering is available from their site.


Ship smarter with Paperless Invoicing…

A great way to save on paper and reduce the risk of your international shipment getting held up at customs is to use the Paperless Invoicing feature provided by UPS. Paperless Invoicing is offered free to UPS customers and allows for an electronic transmission of customs documents. UPS claims that this reduces the likelihood of customs hold by 41 percent!

Some key features of the Paperless Invoice include:

  • Reduction of risk that the paperwork will be lost
  • Allows importers to keep customs values confidential
  • Reduces the reliance on paper, making the shipment more environmentally friendly

NRG has worked Paperless invoicing into our international shipping solutions.  This is just one of many ways we’ve made it easy for UPS shippers to make the switch to our solutions. If you’d like to learn more about Paperless Invoicing you can visit and sign up!

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Ship Carbon Neutral with UPS

If you’re interested in reducing your climate impact, UPS’s new carbon neutral program is worth looking into.  UPS has purchased certified carbon credits for their customers to offset the emissions produced by their shipments. Joining their carbon neutral program is a great way for companies to demonstrate their commitment to their environmental impact.

You can learn more about carbon offset and what UPS is doing to help offset climate impact by visiting


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