It’s easy to ship UPS from your Mac!

Here at NRG, we’re always looking for new ways to make life a little bit easier.  Today is no different. We now have an overview video available for our NRGship UPS Pro product! The video highlights all of the great features of Pro and offers up some helpful tips for using it.  Head on over to NRGsoft to check it out for yourself and leave us some feedback on what you think.

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Free shipping supplies!

So you’ve got the goods, you’ve picked your carrier….There’s only one thing left. Shipping supplies. Did you know that all of the major carriers offer their users FREE shipping supplies simply by holding an account with them?

UPS shippers holding a UPS account qualify for free shipping supplies. By simply logging into your My UPS account, you can search and order packaging, labels, air freight supplies and even pre-printed forms.  The best part is that if you use the same supplies over and over, My UPS allows you to easily reorder the supplies you use frequently. All of our NRGship customers also qualify for free labels to use in their thermal or laser printers and are provided with a quick link to order supplies from all of our solutions.

Similar to UPS, FedEx also offers their registered users access to free shipping supplies. They provide free shipping of their products and guarantee them to arrive within 2-5 business days.  They also allow shippers to visit any of their local FedEx locations to pick up supplies if they are needed quickly.  Also offered for free are various specialty shipping supplies including COD air waybills, Clinical Pak’s and identifier labels.

The USPS provides everyone the opportunity to receive free Priority Mail boxes, various shipping forms and Express Mail packaging. You can even get mailing stickers and entire shipping kits at no charge. Visit the USPS Postal Store for more details. USPS packaging, forms and labels can also be ordered for free through Endicia.

Visit your carrier website today for more information on how to get your own free shipping supplies and be on your way to easier shipping!

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Move Your WorldShip Addresses to NRGship Mac!

One of the great new features of NRGship Mac is the ability to import your address book from WorldShip. And for our NRGship Mac Pro users, don’t fret because WorldShip imports have been available to you since your initial download.

You can say ‘bon voyage’ to that PC by following a few easy steps; All you need to do is login to WorldShip and use our easy to follow help document to export your address book.  Once exported, a .CSV file will appear on your desktop containing the address book data.  Follow a few easy steps to import your address book into NRGship Mac or NRGship Mac Pro and you’ll never have to look at a PC again!

I bet you never thought it would be so simple to ship UPS from your Mac.

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In packaging, less is more…

Let’s say you’re trying to ship a guitar. The only problem is that you can’t find a box shaped like a guitar. (I do realize that you probably wouldn’t ship a guitar without a case, but stick with me here.) How awesome would it be if you had a box that not only fit your guitar, but would also mold to shape a trophy, or a banana if needed? Well you’re in luck!

Designer Patrick Sung has released his UPACKS concept which allows shippers to mold and shape their packaging to fit any irregular object. Not only does this save on materials for packaging, but UPACKS are also made of recycled corrugated cardboard creating an all-around green experience. UPACKS are cardboard sheets that are able to fold and conform into almost any shape while maintaining structural rigidity. UPACKS is simply genius.

No word yet on actual availability of the product but we are certainly looking forward to seeing more about the concept.

Thank you Alltop for sharing this.

Celebrate your Cinco de Mayo with the latest NRGship Mac update!

Today’s release of NRGship Mac v1.1 will enable those last few Mac users hanging onto WorldShip to ditch that PC – and those shipping off of My UPS to become ridiculously more efficient. (Please hold your applause until the end.)  Version 1.1 now allows Mac users to import their My UPS and WorldShip address book files directly into the system as well as create custom groups of addresses.

Cinco more reasons to celebrate:
5. You can now batch ship from your address book
4. There is now support for networked Zebra thermal printers and support for the Dymo 4XL printer
3. We’ve added new USB scale options, including support for the Fairbanks Ultegra USB scale
2. You can now export your shipping history
1. and we’ve fixed some bugs 🙂

Core features still inside of every NRGship Mac download include the ability to capture both discounted rates and UPS published rates, domestic shipping of all UPS services, as well as integrated tracking.

So whether you ship a couple packages or dozens of packages every week, NRGship Mac is now better than ever at streamlining your workflow.  Check out these new features and many more and if you haven’t seen what NRGship Mac can do, continue your celebration for 15 more days with our free 15 day trial!

…..ok, you can applaud now…and then enjoy a margarita, because your life just got a little bit easier.

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