Press Release – NRGship v1.1 Update Release

NRG Software has released NRGship Mac v1.1, the latest update which allows UPS shippers to easily switch to their Mac and manage all of the their shipping information in one place.  Mac users can easily streamline their shipping workflow without the use of the My UPS website ( or Worldship (UPS Windows Software).

So What is New in v1.1?
•    Enhanced Mac Address Book Importing
•    Batch Shipping
•    Updated Printer and USB Scale Options

NRG has added default importers to allow UPS shippers to move their address books from and Worldship in just a few minutes. This feature is key to a seamless transfer from My UPS or WorldShip usage.  In addition to the new address book imports, shippers can now batch ship to multiple recipients out of the Mac address book in just a few clicks.

NRG has pioneered the ability to print thermal labels for shipping, which cannot be done using the My UPS website. NRGship v1.1 adds additional features to allow the use of networked or shared Zebra printers as well.  In addition to networked printing, v1.1 offers support for the Dymo 4XL printer and Fairbanks Ultegra USB scale.

NRGship Mac was designed with small businesses in mind to help support their workflow and keep them integrated on their Mac’s.

Since the launch of NRGship Mac just a year ago, hundreds of customers have made the switch. Adam Moyer, founder of Knockaround, a growing manufacturer with an expanding line of premium sunglasses was an early adopter of NRGship Mac and says ““Knockaround is growing fast, and NRG is keeping up like a champ!” Austin Whipple, Creative Director at Pinball Publishing, concurs, “We use NRGship on several stations in our all Apple shop. UPS and NRGship are essential tools that allow our business to meet demand and improve our work flow.”

In addition to these new services, businesses using Macs and NRGship can continue to tap in to the core features, including capturing both discounted rate and UPS published rates, domestic shipping of all UPS services as well as integrated tracking.

NRGship Mac v1.1 is available May 5, 2010.  A free 15-day trial is available for download on the NRG website.


Happy Mother’s Day UPS Shippers

Mother's Day Shipping extension UPS

Chocolate milk via UPS

I’ve never had to ship chocolate milk but apparently enough people are asking the UPS experts about it to feature the question on their recent list: “Top 10 questions of spring 2010.” Check out their recent posting to learn more about shipping chocolate milk, C.O.D. policies and how to ship your luggage.

We did notice that they were missing one question: “Can you ship from your Mac?” Of course you can!

Top 10 questions of spring 2010

What were they thinking?

In Mailing System Technology’s first edition of What Were They Thinking? Mike Porter presents several examples of print and mail errors that became news items. Mailers are encouraged to review their own quality control processes to avoid making the same kinds of embarrassing mistakes. Included is a list of preventative measures that shops can implement.


Now available! FileMaker DevCon 2010 schedule

The schedule for this years FileMaker Developer conference is now available – and registration is now open. NRG will be exhibiting again this year in support of all of our FileMaker shipping products for UPS, FedEx, Endicia and LTL Freight. Hope to see you there!

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