Happy Mother’s Day UPS Shippers

Mother's Day Shipping extension UPS

Chocolate milk via UPS

I’ve never had to ship chocolate milk but apparently enough people are asking the UPS experts about it to feature the question on their recent list: “Top 10 questions of spring 2010.” Check out their recent posting to learn more about shipping chocolate milk, C.O.D. policies and how to ship your luggage.

We did notice that they were missing one question: “Can you ship from your Mac?” Of course you can!

Top 10 questions of spring 2010

What were they thinking?

In Mailing System Technology’s first edition of What Were They Thinking? Mike Porter presents several examples of print and mail errors that became news items. Mailers are encouraged to review their own quality control processes to avoid making the same kinds of embarrassing mistakes. Included is a list of preventative measures that shops can implement.


Now available! FileMaker DevCon 2010 schedule

The schedule for this years FileMaker Developer conference is now available – and registration is now open. NRG will be exhibiting again this year in support of all of our FileMaker shipping products for UPS, FedEx, Endicia and LTL Freight. Hope to see you there!

Pros & Cons of Package Tracking

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