USPS Plays iPhone App Catch-Up with USPS Mobile™

In time for your last minute holiday shipments, USPS has delivered on their promise to provide a native app for iPhone users. The app provides the ability to locate postal properties, get zip codes and track shipments.

Look for a full review of UPS Mobile in the upcoming week.

opening screen locators collection box locator zip code by address tracking lookup


UPS Allows Customers to “Go Green”

Last month UPS added a feature to the website which allows shippers to offset their shipments carbon emissions with a $.05 ground or $.20 air surcharge. NRGship customers have already been asking how they can positively impact the planet – NRG is committed to providing this feature a soon as it’s available to third-party developers.

FedEx goes Viral with Castaway

To start, I’m a software developer so I don’t watch the SuperBowl. A customer recently shared the link below of this Super Bowl ad which is now making the viral rounds.

You’ve probably seen the movie “Castaway”, where Tom Hanks played a FedEx employee who was stranded for years on a remote island, struggled to survive, and struggled to hold onto his sanity by talking to a soccer ball named “Wilson.”

Do you remember the FedEx box that survived the plane crash, the one which Hanks was compelled to deliver?  If so, did you ever wonder exactly “what” was in that FedEx box?  Well it has finally been declassified…..check the video below.


UPS Mobile for iPhone tops the Charts

We checked the App Store to see if the USPS Mobile app had been released, and noticed that UPS Mobile for the iPhone is listed as the Top Free App, displacing FedEx Mobile for iPhone. Customer reviews continue to be very positive.


NRGship UPS Pro Simplifies Gift Box Fulfillment

NRGship UPS Pro supports the ability to produce custom label messaging on laser and thermal labels. Order data can be imported from sources like Yahoo! stores can include additional text that customers would like to include on an order, and they will be included on your shipping labels.

Customers who are shipping from FileMaker Pro can easily add this function to their shipping integration by following instructions from our KnowledgeBase article.

Why print gift box labels from one printer and shipping labels from another and risk mixing up the “message” in your fulfillment department? Ship smarter this holiday season with NRGship!

nrgship giftbox

When printing to a thermal printer, the message can be printed out on a doc tab.  These can then be placed onto a gift card that goes inside of the box, and makes for an even more personalized shipment!

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