Customer Spotlight – AOV, Inc.


We just wanted to share this email we received from AOV, Inc. – a Boulder, CO based company who provides high quality screen printing, embroidery, and promotional products.aov_emailheader1


We just shipped 24 boxes in one transaction (UPS normally limits this to 20 boxes when you do it online).

Outside of the annoying 10 seconds it took to spool the labels, hit our Purchasing table, link the purchase to the inventory record and the job and capture the tracking number… it worked flawlessly. I was comforted by the fact that this would have probably taken 15 minutes if I had done it the “old fashioned” way.



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NRGship is again featured on home page of UPS.COM

UPS is again featuring NRGship, our new native Mac OS X product, on the home page of

.Featured advertisement on

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NRGship featured on home page of UPS.COM

Last week UPS started to feature NRGship, our new native Mac OS X product, on the home page of This follows on previous promotion of Mac Shipping on other UPS web pages.

Featured advertisement on

Featured advertisement on


The evolution of Mac shipping

Customers have been asking for years for a UPS “desktop” shipping solution. Finally, NRG is prepping for the product launch of NRGship for UPS, a native OS X application, geared towards domestic shippers. Featuring a streamlined interface, NRGship provides full support for Mac technologies along with thermal printers and digital scales.

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Lunch with Jordan Coletta

Jordan Coletta

About a year ago, we were down in Atlanta at UPS and had the opportunity to have lunch with Jordan Coletta who is vice president of customer technology marketing for UPS.

We credit Jordan with assisting us in educating NRGship customers that they don’t need to provide an End of Day report to their UPS Driver.  More for those who don’t know this here.  It was Jordan’s idea to have our software print out this notice after a customers first shipment is processed using NRGship. Thanks Jordan!

NRG is a strategic level partner in the UPS Ready program which Jordan oversees.  UPS has recently announced upgrades to the program and Jordan joined Practical eCommerce’s Kerry Murdock to discuss those upgrades.  Take a listen.. If you hang in to the 12:00 minute mark, he makes a mention of NRG.  Thanks again Jordan!

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