Lunch with Jordan Coletta

Jordan Coletta

About a year ago, we were down in Atlanta at UPS and had the opportunity to have lunch with Jordan Coletta who is vice president of customer technology marketing for UPS.

We credit Jordan with assisting us in educating NRGship customers that they don’t need to provide an End of Day report to their UPS Driver.  More for those who don’t know this here.  It was Jordan’s idea to have our software print out this notice after a customers first shipment is processed using NRGship. Thanks Jordan!

NRG is a strategic level partner in the UPS Ready program which Jordan oversees.  UPS has recently announced upgrades to the program and Jordan joined Practical eCommerce’s Kerry Murdock to discuss those upgrades.  Take a listen.. If you hang in to the 12:00 minute mark, he makes a mention of NRG.  Thanks again Jordan!

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Just Like Pizza

FedEx recently announced that they’ve improved package trackability. We couldn’t help but notice that it looks strikingly similar to the “Patented” Pizza Tracker at Dominos. 

FedEx Tracking Progress

Dominos Tracking Progress

Tasty indeed!


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Ship with UPS from Your Mac Banner Ad Banner Ad

We’re really excited to see that the website has started to promote the NRGShip solution thru banner ad rotations.

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NRG & UPS at Macworld 2009

If you’re out at Macworld 2009, stop by the FileMaker Developer Pavillion, booth 1125. Here you can see our latest UPS Ready offering for Mac OS X. NRG is the leading provider of Mac and FileMaker Pro compatible shipping tools. (That’s Andy with Doug Nelson, our alliance manager from UPS)

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Coming Soon to your Mac: NRGship Mac Lite

NRG announces NRGship Mac Lite for UPS shippers:  Mac shipping software allows for seamless integration with Mac business applications.

Mac based businesses who ship UPS celebrate! NRG Software takes advantage of UPS online services to provide shipping for the Mac platform.

SAN FRANCISCO — (Macworld – January 8, 2009) – NRGship Mac Lite, the newest edition to NRG’s shipping software lineup, has been developed as a native Mac application to allow for seamless integration with popular Mac business applications.

“With the current NRGship solution, we opened up the possibility of shipping for Mac-based business.” says Andy Knasinski, Founder and Chief Development Officer of NRG. “Now our customers want to ship from the software they use to manage their orders.  NRGship had only offered that for FileMaker Pro users in the past.  But NRGship Mac Lite works without FileMaker and opens up the possibilities to integrate with native Mac applications.  For example, out of the box users can ship directly from their Mac’s Address Book.”

NRG has created external integration documentation for developers and is currently working with Mac software publishers to offer software specific integration modules for Mac based Accounting, CRM, Point-of-Sale, Ecommerce and Ebay solutions.

NRGship Mac Lite has been designed for the unique needs of small Mac-based businesses who ship 5-10 packages per day, but can easily support higher volume.  Through the application, Mac businesses can take advantage of UPS online services such as UPS Tracking, UPS Rates & Service Selection, UPS Time in Transit, UPS Address Validation, and UPS Shipping.

“We understand that Mac customers need easy access to UPS, from within their Mac business applications.” says Jordan Colletta, vice president of customer technology marketing at UPS.   “NRGship Mac Lite meets the UPS Ready watermark and is an excellent example why NRG has been designated as a UPS Ready Strategic provider.” 

NRGship Mac Lite will be available in March of 2009. Customers can try the application free for 15 days by downloading a trial demo at

About NRG Software, LLC.

NRG Software is a business productivity software company, creator of NRGship, NRGvalidate, Mailing Manager Pro and other time saving software applications.  Our flagship product line is NRGship, complete shipping software for UPS.  NRG Software is the only software company to offer UPS shipping solutions for the Mac platform.

Copyright © 2009, NRG Software, LLC. All rights reserved. NRGship is a trademark of NRG Software, LLC.  All other trademarks are property of their respective owners.


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