NRGship Upgrade Process for FileMaker v12 and Above

If your shipping files were provided to you by NRG after 5/8/18, you are FileMaker Pro v17 ready. IF NOT, you must upgrade your NRG shipping system. It's critical that you follow the steps below, in the order that they are outlined.


Upgrade NRG Files

Upgrading your NRGship files is required to ship with FileMaker Pro v12+.

If your current NRG files are hosted on FileMaker Server, you will need to close them and move them to a workstation in order to upgrade them to our latest files.

Follow the upgrade instructions closely for your version of NRGship.

NRGship UPS for FileMaker

NRGship FedEx for FileMaker

NRGship USPS for FileMaker

NRG Ship Connect (Contact NRG Support)

Once completed, put the upgraded NRG files back on FileMaker Server and open them.

Now you can move on to Step 2


Install NRG Helpers

All builds of NRGship after 9/1/17 will auto-install plugins.
The installers below are required to install helper apps which allow digital scale and thermal printer output and are required if you haven't already installed them. Note that newer versions of helpers include newer functionality to remove the need to SHARE/CAPTURE printers on Windows.

Download for Mac

On macOS you may need to remove existing plugins from the application Extensions folder as well as ~/Library/Application Support/FileMaker/Extensions

Download for Win

On Windows you may need to remove existing plugins from the application Extensions folder as well as {localappdata}/FileMaker/Extensions


Test NRG Workstations

A. Verify Plugin Installation
Open NRGship and look in the preferences to ensure that MBS is present and enabled.

If it is not present or you are seeing older plugins, you likely did note remove plugins per step 2.

B. Test Validation & Rating
Open your shipping files and create a test shipment where you can validate the address and get shipping rates.

If you get any plugin errors, something went awry with the plugin installation. Revisit the steps and if you are certain that the plugins are installed correctly, Contact NRG Support

C. Print Shipping Label
If your shipment does not provide a label, visit our printer troubleshooting articles.

For Windows users, you may need to recapture the printer.

Mac users may need to add the printer again in system preferences.

Last updated 5/8/2018