Ship from JobPro Central

The fastest easiest way to ship UPS, FedEx and USPS from JobPro. Fully integrated, out of the box with JobPro

MultiCarrier Shipping

How It Works

Easily Create Shipping Labels from JobPro

With a simple menu selection, you'll create shipment records in NRG's UPS, FedEx or USPS modules. All shipment information including address, invoice number, weights and boxes can be set in an instant. Add any additional options or update in NRG and then create your label.

Return Tracking Numbers to JobPro Order Records

Immediatlely after your shipment everyone will have visibility to the tracking number of the shipment from within JobPro.

Post Freight Charges on your Invoice

Freight charges will automatically be returned to JobPro.

Easy Installation

We'll set up your files with your carrier accounts. Simply upload them to the same server as your JobPro files, and you are ready to ship.

NRGship Features

  • Shipping, Rating, Tracking, Voiding
  • Multi-user, Multiple location support
  • International Shipping Forms
  • Returns Management
  • Email Notifications
  • Supports Your Rate Discounts
  • Creates Shipments outside of JobPro
  • Built in Address Book
  • Imports Addresses from Carrier Software
  • Ship on Account, 3rd Party and Receiver
  • Thermal Printer & Digital Scale Support
  • Shipping Reports

Unique To FedEx

Unique To USPS

Unique To UPS

  • UPS Domestic & Int'l Services
  • Address Validation
  • Quantum View Notifications
  • UPS Returns Plus
  • Paperless Invoice
  • Carbon Neutral Support
  • View All UPS Features


Ship Connect files are sold for a one-time fee based on carriers activated and single, 2 user or multi-user requirement. Purchase from JobPro Central

Support Outline for Ship Connect Files

The service subscription includes technical support & software updates for carrier compliance> It does not include the cost for NRG to upgrade your files.

Technical Support

  • Tech Support covers answering questions pertaining to existing software feature sets, general troubleshooting and resolution of error codes
  • Tech Support is available between 8:00 am and 5:00 pm CST and allows for unlimited phone and email questions
  • NRG responds to support calls placed (262-432-0934) and support email ( within 4 business day hours

Uprgrading Your Files

  • NRG does add new features to our core set of Ship Connect files on a periodic basis and keeps you informed of availability in our release notes
  • When you want to uprgrade your files, NRG will provide you an estimate to perform the upgrade

Customizing Your Files

  • NRG will provide custom development to the Ship Connect file for features that are specific to your needs
  • NRG will provide an estimate for the both the development time for the feature and the implementation time to your file
  • Your files are unlocked and you can make customizations on your own if you'd like.

Core Feature Requests

  • NRG is open for suggestions on "core" features that we add to our Ship Connect file
  • NRG prioritizes core feature requests based on demand - and is solely responsible for determining what becomes a core feature
  • NRG can provide you with an estimated time frame of development and availability of core features