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This is the main screen you'll see when you launch NRGship UPS Pro.

Shipping Software Shipping Screen

1) Shipment addresses are managed on the main screen and can be validated to ensure deliverability status.
2) You can quickly capture rates and transit times or view them in further detail by clicking the Rates or Transit Times tabs.
3) Shipment details can be managed in the Shipment Information area. Additional options and international details can also be managed.
4) Once the shipment is processed the status, tracking number and costs are presented. You can track, void or reprint from here as well.


You can easily create shipments in 3 different ways.

Creating Shipments

1) Enter addresses manually, use our enhanced copy & paste feature or select from the address book drop down on the name field.
2) Search the address book and select the create new shipment button.
3) Import shipments from any CSV file or by using built in imports for Mac applications and Ecommerce Systems.


Quantum View™ notifications and personal messaging - just like My UPS and UPS WorldShip.

Quantum View™ Notifications

1) Check the Quantum View™ Notifications checkbox to automatically deliver UPS email notifications to your recipient.
2) You can set additional emails to receive notifications for shipment, exceptions and delivery emails.
3) Use the Sender Name and Message fields to customize a message in your email notification.


You can batch ship, track, and void shipments from the Shipping List. Shipments are color coded to represent new, shipped, delivered and voided shipments.

Shipping List


After entering package data, NRGship will provide detailed rates and transit information within the appropriate tab.

UPS Rates & Transit Times

1) Discounted and published rates and service option costs can be seen by clicking the Rates tab.
2) You can view transit times for various UPS services and override pre-package quotes using the Transit Times tab.


Delivery confirmations, Saturday delivery, COD, Shipper Release and Additional Handling are all supported.

UPS Service Options


All necessary international forms are included with NRGship UPS Pro. Commercial Invoices, NAFTA Certificates, Shipper Export Declaration and Certificate of Origin forms are all available within the Int'l Forms tab. You can add the information on your goods here as well.

UPS International Shipping


Shipping List allows you to track, void or repeat a shipment. Shipments are displayed as printed, delivered or voided.

UPS Shipment Tracking

1) Highlighting a specific record allows you to track the package within the shipping dashboard.
2) Shipments display with status, date printed, recipient name and other shipment details.


Within the Preferences menu, you can manage your UPS account, printer and USB scale options and update your default information.

Shipping Software Preferences

1) You can set your default preferences here, including service types, currency and references.
2) Thermals or laser printers can be chosen here or connection to a networked printer via Remote IP Number.
3) Default box dimmensions can be setup here for quick reference in your shipments.