Shipping from Safari
Ship from Safari

1-click shipping for PayPal, Amazon, Magento, and more...

Create shipping labels in NRGship from Safari. One click on the toolbar populates all of your shipping details in seconds. Create your label, paste back the tracking number to easily update your customers. Support for Amazon, Bigcommerce, Etsy, Magento, PayPal, Shopify and Volusion. More Marketplaces and Ecommerce systems being added monthly.

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Shipping from Safari

Download the extension from here and it installs in Safari in a matter of seconds. You'll see the Truck Icon on the toolbar. From there, just follow these steps:

  • Navigate to your order page in the admin area of your shopping cart or emarketplace
  • When you are on the individuals order detail, click on the truck icon on the Safari Toolbar
  • Your shipment details such as shipping address, ups service, reference id and customer email and phone will populate in NRG
  • Review your shipment, make any adjustments, print your label
  • The tracking number will automatically be on your clipboard, so it's one click back to update your customer and change your order status
  • Additional preferences can be managed by going to Safari > Preferences and clicking on the Quickship Extension details
Download NRGship Safari Extension