NRGvalidate cleans up data at point-of-entry, not when mailings are returned!

Approximately 33 percent of the nearly 200 billion pieces of mail handled each year have address problems that can affect delivery including slowed delivery, non-delivery, returned mail, and mail delivered to the wrong address. Undeliverable mail costs $1.9 billion to process, costs which are passed back to mailers in the form of rate hikes.

NRGvalidate is competitively priced

Save Time & Money

  • Integrate with CRM or order entry systems
  • Check address quality at time of data entry
  • Reduce callbacks to customers to correct errors
  • Speed up entry by deriving city-state from zipcode
  • Ensure that you are sending to deliverable addresses
  • Reduce shipment surcharges due to bad addressing
  • Save on address correction and return fees
  • Eliminate outside vendor data clenaing costs

Save Time & Money

  • Real-time CASS™ address standardization
  • USPS® CASS™ certified
  • DPV™ (Verifies Accuracy of Deliverable Addresses)
  • RDI™ (indicates residence, business or PO Box)
  • No extra cost for DPV™ and RDI™