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  1. How will I manage my postage if I integrate Endicia Desktop Connect?
    Postage Management will still be managed through the Endicia applications or through your web based Endicia account.

  2. Can I void a postal shipment/label from FileMaker when using Endicia Desktop Connect?
    You will have to void shipments from the Endicia applications. This will not update the results in the NRG Endicia Desktop Connect file. You would have to do that manually.

  3. Can address validation be integrated into FileMaker when using Endicia Desktop Connect?
    No. The Endicia applications will validate the shipping address prior to shipping, however, results of the validation are not updated in the NRG Endicia Desktop Connect file, therefore it won't update your FileMaker file. To validate in your FileMaker solution prior to shipping, you can subscri ...

  4. Why is my Zebra printer printing extra blank labels?
    The paper feed sensor is off, so you need to reset the printer.  Zebra LP2844 Press and hold the feed button on the top of the printer This will re-calibrate the label feed Zebra ZP-450 and ZP-500 Turn the printer on Hold down the feed button Wait until until it flashes two times then re ...