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  1. Can I use email addresses from ....?
    We support direct import of address information from template files and provide an electronic API for subscriber management. We can also provide customized data conversion.

  2. How does it compare to other mailing applications?
    NRG Mailing Manager is not your standard email merge application. It is intended for businesses that want a complete solution to manage their email marketing efforts.

  3. How does NRGvalidate work?
    Your address information is processed by Endicia. Unlike other address validation options, your data is transferred securely over the internet and there are no extra costs or per-transaction fees.

  4. How does NRGvalidate compare to other services?
    We believe we provide more functionality for less cost than other vendors. There is no need for dedicated mailing software on your desktop, a per transaction fee or a monthly service fee.

  5. What is RDI™
    91% of mailing addresses in the United States are classified as residential. RDI™-enabled software helps you make informed shipping decisions by identifying whether a delivery type is classified as residential or business. If you are shipping to residences, you may lower costs by shipping ...

  6. What is DPV™
    DPV™ is a technology available from the United States Postal Service© to help mailers identify inaccurate or incomplete addresses. The DPV System assists mailers in obtaining accurate delivery address information and facilitates identification of erroneous addresses contained in maile ...

  7. How often should I validate my customer address database?
    It is suggested by industry experts that you validate your addresses at the time of data entry and again every three months.

  8. Do you provide Move-Update service?
    NRG intends to provide Move-Update service in the near furture. This will likely be an add-on to the Address Validation service.

  9. Are there any problems with NRGvalidate on Windows computers?
    No, there are no known issues. The installer requires you to click (Browse) to find the folder in which FileMaker Pro 5.x or greater is installed so that plug-ins can be placed in the proper directories. In addition, the Java Runtime Environment must be installed, which can be downloaded at the ...

  10. How does NRGvalidate work with my database?
    It's very easy to integrate with your existing FileMaker databases. Included in the documentation is a step-by-step walk-through of how we created a database and linked to the Address Validation files. It should take under 30 minutes for a FileMaker developer to link an existing solution with ou ...