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  1. Request can not be authorized due to invoice not found in UPS billing system (#957007)
    If you are getting the following error Request can not be authorized due to invoice not found in UPS billing system. (#957007) when you try to register NRGship you will need to get a more recent invoice. The invoice entered has to be one of the 3 most recent invoices issued in the past 90 days.

  2. Error: Missing or invalid ship from attention name (#120301)
    If you are getting the following error Missing or invalid ship from attention name (#120301) when you try to ship you will need to adjust the value of the Ship From attention field. UPS Ship From attention names can be a maximum of 35 characters (including spaces).

  3. Error: Non-technical issue with your request (#9570008)
    If you are getting the following error There is a non-technical issue with your request, in order to resolve you will need to contact UPS customer service at 1-888-851-4901. (#9570008) when you try to register NRGship you will need to call the number provided to talk with the fraud department.

  4. Error: Request can not be authorized due to account is locked out (#9570006)
    If you are getting the following error Request can not be authorized due to account is locked out, please try again in 24 hours. (#9570006) when you try to register NRGship you will need to wait and try again due to too many failed attempts.

  5. Error: Invalid access license number (#250003)
    If you are getting the following error Invalid access license number (#250003) when you try to perform functions in NRGship, you will need to go into Preferences->UPS Accounts and re-add your account. Some older NRGship customers do not have access to UPS functions we are utilizing in current ...

  6. Error: 1551 Cannot install the plug-in; cannot delete an existing plug-in or write to the folder or disk
    This error will occur if you have a conflict with previous NRGship versions. If you go to the Finder then select Go->Go to Folder... and enter ~/Library/Application Support/. Navigate to the FileMaker folder. Inside you will find a folder named Extensions. Delete the Extensions folder. Restart N ...

  7. I get a $$-9806 error when shipping
    UPS is in the process of upgrading their server security per this Data Security update. During this time users may see intermitent failures from UPS servers. Upgrading to the latest build of NRGshp (275+) will force TLS 1.2 connections but requires Mac OS 10.9 or above.

  8. I get a $$-9807 error when shipping
    If you get a $$-9807 error when rating, shipping, etc. you will need to upgrade your Mac because the SSL root certificates as part of MacOS won't allow a connection to the remote host. We suggest upgrading to OS 10.10 or higher.

  9. I get a $$12057 error when shipping
    This error is happening because the program NRGship uses a secure encrypted protocol (SSL) to connect to servers. Under rare conditions, your computer may display the error below because it is unable to validate the SSL certificate. How to fix it This error is easy to fix and should take ...

  10. Error: Invalid Account Status (#250067)
    If you are getting the following error Invalid Account Status (#250067) when registering for NRGship UPS, it is because there is an issue with your account. Please contact the UPS Accounts Receivable Department at 1-877-869-7502 to resolve.

  11. How do I intercept a package shipped from NRGship UPS shipping software?
    To intercept a package, you must login to your UPS account at Once logged in, you will not be able to see shipments generated by NRGship, but you can track and intercept the package by creating a UPS Delivery Intercept request. First, track the shipment you need to intercept on the UPS ...

  12. What thermal printers does NRG's UPS Shipping Software support?
    NRGship UPS and NRGship UPS Pro support EPL/ZPL printers from Zebra (formerly Eltron). Specifically, the ZP-450 is high-performance thermal printer and is commonly used with UPS WorldShip software. Our software supports USB connected printers as well as networked printers with a Zebra Print Serv ...

  13. Why can't I print to my networked thermal printer via direct IP?
    NRGship supports direct communication to networked Eltron and Zebra printers using a fixed IP number. In your printer settings you can enter the IP# along with a username and password to connect with the device. Printing is accomplished using direct communications over port 21 (FTP) and your pr ...

  14. Which UPS thermal label stock do you support with NRG's UPS Shipping Software?
    NRG's UPS Shipping Software supports UPS-supplied thermal label stock. You can receive FREE printer supplies for thermal output by accessing UPS supplies online. Below is a list of supported thermal label stock. 01774006 - Direct Thermal Label 4" x 6.25" Roll [320 labels per roll] 02774006 - D ...

  15. Why is my commercial invoice not printing?
    If you are submitting a shipment with full commodity information for the commercial invoice, but the commercial invoice is not printing then your UPS account is likely setup for paperless invoicing. Shipping labels for paperless invoicing will include the letters "EDI" in the lower right hand ...

  16. How do I implement barcode keyed automation with NRGship for UPS?
    NRGship UPS Pro and UPS for FileMaker both support barcode keyed automation for orders that have been imported and contain a value for the Reference 1 field. Barcode scanners like the Symbol LS2208 and LS6608 can be programmed to issue a pre and post-scan code which NRGShip can intercept. The pr ...

  17. Why does my bill reflect a higher cost than what my shipment shows in NRGship?
    NRG provides the shipping carrier with the weight and dimensions you enter in NRGship during the rating and shipping process. If you do not provide dimensions it's possible that the carrier could re-rate a package due to dimensional sizing. Your carrier invoice will then show the adjusted rate b ...

  18. Why do my labels from my ZP-450 printer appear skewed when printed from NRG's UPS Shipping Software?
    When using NRG's UPS Shipping Software with a Zebra ZP-450 printer, you may experience flawed labels due to old firmware on your printer. We suggest updating your printer's firmware, as this has solved this problem for a number of NRG Customers. Follow these instructions to update your thermal p ...

  19. How do I do perform a drop shipment, using an alternate address than mine on the shipping label?
    For NRGship UPS Simply select an alternate address than yours from the sender address drop down menu. You can add as many alternate addresses as you'd like. The address selected will appear as the Sender on the shipping label. For NRGship UPS Pro and NRGship UPS for FileMaker On the Sender tab ...

  20. Error: 120412 UPS account number that was provided as the payment method is missing or invalid in NRG's UPS Shipping Software
    Error: UPS account number that was provided as the payment method is missing or invalid. (#120412) The issue is that the UPS account # you are trying to use for the 3rd Party or Recipient Billing does not match that address information for that account in the UPS servers, or the customer has dis ...

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