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  1. How do I recover a damaged file with NRGship UPS Pro?
    Power failures, hardware problems, or other factors can damage a NRGship database file. If your database becomes damaged, you will need to recover the damaged file. When NRGship discovers a damaged file a dialog box appears telling the user to recover the file. Even if the dialog box does not a ...

  2. How do I print high-value control logs for my UPS driver to sign?
    All NRGship UPS shipping software supports high value reports on a per-shipment basis. If your shipment contains a package with a value greater than or equal to $1000 then a high value report will be returned. Your UPS driver will sign and return one copy of the receipt. This is your proof that ...

  3. Does NRG's UPS Shipping Software support multiple UPS accounts?
    NRGship UPS Pro and UPS for FileMaker support multiple UPS accounts. You can specify a "default" account for new shipments in the Preferences menu. You can add additional UPS accounts in the Accounts tab under Preferences and choose which account you'd like to use under the Sender tab on the mai ...

  4. Why is the return address incomplete on my shipping label printed from NRG's UPS Shipping Software?
    If you are generating a UPS label and have two or more return address lines, only the first address line will appear on the printed label. Be assured that the whole address has been provided to UPS. If you want to have the whole address printed, merge the data from lines one and two, and be sure ...

  5. Why is the shipping address incomplete on my label printed from NRG's UPS Shipping Software?
    If you are generating a UPS label be sure to keep the length of the name, contact and address fields to no greater than 35 characters as the data will be truncated. NRGship UPS users, the address line will display characters over 35 in red like this: NRGship UPS Pro and UPS for FileMaker users, ...

  6. How can I get FREE printer supplies to use with NRG's UPS Shipping Software?
    If you ship via UPS, you can receive FREE printer supplies for thermal or laser output by accessing UPS supplies online.

  7. Can I use a Zebra S4M Printer with NRG's UPS Shipping Software?
    No. There is a known issue with S4M printers and printing of UPS online labels. Until this issue is resolved, please consider an alternative EPL printer from Zebra for use with NRG's UPS Shipping Software.

  8. How do I set a future ship date in NRG's UPS Shipping Software?
    With NRG's UPS Shipping Software, there is no need to set future ship date. You can print a shipping label today, and physically drop off the package up to 14 days later.

  9. Why are my thermal printer labels printing upside down from NRG's UPS Shipping Software?
    We have found that some printers default to "bottom up" printing. The printer needs to be re-configured to print "top up". To do this, create a text file on your hard drive using any text editor and include the text "ZT". Save to disk. Now FTP to your printer and issue a command "put" with the f ...

  10. Does NRG's UPS Shipping Software support international shipping?
    Yes! You can ship FROM or TO international destinations. The following counties are valid as origin countries: Argentina Australia Austria Belgium Brazil Canada Chile China Costa Rica Czech Republic Denmark Dominican Republic Finland France Germany Greece Guatemala Hong Kong Hungary India Indone ...

  11. Error: 250002 Invalid UserID/Password on Shipment in NRG's UPS Shipping Software
    This error will occur if you perform a lost password request at or if you login to with the UPS Rate Code from NRG's UPS Shipping Software. The rate code (My UPS ID) should only be used with NRG's UPS Shipping Software. First, go to NRG's preferences, and click on the Account tab ...

  12. Error: 12037 when shipping in NRG's UPS Shipping Software
    This error is returned when you have an invalid date/time set on your computer.

  13. Why is the text missing when I open NRGship UPS Pro?
    Under some installations of Mac OS 10.6, if duplicate fonts are installed the NRGship interface will appear with no text. (See sample below) This issue can be resolved by removing the Arial font files located in the ~/Fonts/ directory.

  14. How do I export my address book from WorldShip?
    To export addresses, follow these steps: 1. Select Create/Edit Map from Import/Export Data on the Worldship File Menu. 2. From the pop up screen, highlight the Default Export address book. Under New Map, select Export Data from Worldship and make sure to check the Export CSV checkbox Name your ...

  15. Error: 120413 The UPS account number provided as the payment method cannot be billed, please try another account
    There is an issue with the third party or recipient UPS account number. Please have the account holder call their UPS representative or (800) 468-8823 for assistance.

  16. Error: Thermal label output
    If you receive an error that says it's unable to close the interface and device it's likely due to a mis-matched power adapter on your LP2844 printer. Be sure to use a Hitek Power adapter, Model # PLUS120 with 20V, 2.5A output. You can purchase new adapters from the Zebra UPS (Power Supply, 100 ...

  17. Error: 120121 The shippers shipping number cannot be used for the shipment in NRG's UPS Shipping Software
    This is a UPS account issue due to the account number being suspended. Please call your UPS representative or (800) 468-8823 for assistance.

  18. How do I print a Daily Manifest in NRGship UPS Shipping Software?
    UPS for FileMaker and NRGship UPS Pro Navigate to the Shipping List window. From there, you will see an icon on the top menu to create a daily shipping manifest. This report provides shipment details for the current day. You can also change the date to any other day and generate the report. ...

  19. Do I need an End of Day Report or Daily Pickup Report with NRG's UPS Shipping Software?
    No. You do not need an end of day, daily pickup report for the UPS driver to sign or scan when using NRGship UPS shipping software. As shipping labels are printed from NRGship, package information is sent in real-time to UPS, thereby eliminating the need for an End of Day (EOD) report, unlike UP ...

  20. How do I create a Hold For Pickup shipment in NRG's UPS Shipping Software?
    First, check the UPS website or call 1-800-Pick-UPS for the most convenient UPS Hold for Pickup location. Next, prepare a label including the words “Hold for Pickup,” the recipient’s name and telephone number and the full address of the UPS Customer Center. Apply a UPS Hold for Pickup label a ...

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