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How do I export my address book from My UPS?
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To export addresses, follow these steps:
Log in to My UPS
Select Address Book from the toolbar
Select Export Addresses. Selecting the link will create your export request.

Clicking on the Export Data option will begin your address book export.

After creating your export file request, a screen displays allowing you to check the status of your export request and download the CSV file. Export File Request Status can include:

In Progress: This indicates that an export request is being processed and will complete momentarily, depending on size. To view the latest status, refresh the page.
Completed: Displays a link to View Data.
Completed with Errors: Displays links to View Data and View Errors.
Failed: Displays a link to View Errors.

The CSV file can easily be imported into NRGship Mac and Mac Pro.  View related articles for instructions.
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