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How do I set up NRGship Pro for UPS to integrate with AcctVantage ERP? (video)
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Integration with AcctVantage ERP can be setup with NRGship Pro for UPS.  To set this up, follow the following steps:

Step 1: Create a Folder on your network
To exchange shipping data back a forth, NRG & AcctVantage use a watched folder.  All you need to do is create folder on  your network or a shipping workstation.  Name the folder whatever you want. 

Step 2:  AcctVantage Setup
  • In AcctVantage ERP, navigate to Administration > System Preferences > Shipping Exchange
  • Browse to the folder location you created and select the path
  • Enable Starship ASCII Data Exchange Mode and press the Start Button
  • Starship Status needs to be "running"
Not Running:


Step 3:  NRGship Setup

In preferences, under Automation:

• Select "AcctVantage" under Import Format

• Under Custom Buttons, Button 2 - Type in "Get Order"  and select "AcctVantage" under Script

Once the NRG and AcctVantage preferences are setup, you will be able to type in order numbers and automatically  populate details in a new shipping record. After shipping, the tracking number, costs and other details will be updated in AcctVantage.

Watch the following video for a demonstration on shipping from AcctVantage ERP:

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