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How can I include a custom label message from FileMaker Pro in UPS for FileMaker?
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In your integration script where you are setting your ship-to information, include script steps to set the following fields in the Ship table of UPS for FileMaker:

Label_MessageEnabled (should get set to "1")
Label_MessageReverse (this is a large reverse bar that appears on the actual shipping label)
Label_MessageA (normally a "from" type message)
Label_MessageB (normally a "to" type message)
Label_MessageLongText (a large text block that will automatically wrap at end-of-line)
Label_MessageSize ("10", "12" or "24" point. Note that 24 point messages are printed in all uppercase.)

When the labels are printed, they will include this additional information.

Labels printed to a thermal printer will include this information on a Doc Tab label beneath the standard 4x6 shipping label. These labels can then be placed on a gift card enclosed in the box which makes for a personalized shipment.

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