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How do I recover a damaged file with NRGship UPS Pro?
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Power failures, hardware problems, or other factors can damage a NRGship database file. If your database becomes damaged, you will need to recover the damaged file. When NRGship discovers a damaged file a dialog box appears telling the user to recover the file. Even if the dialog box does not appear, files can become corrupted and exhibit erratic behavior.

NOTE: If the recover process has been completed in the past, you need to locate the file with "old" in the filename and put it in a new folder, before you begin the recover process.

To recover a damaged file:

  • Press Command-Option while double-clicking the NRGship icon. Hold the keys down until you see the Open Damaged File dialog box.
  • Locate and select the NRGship UPS Pro Data.usr file.

What to expect during the recovery process

  • A new file will be created
  • It will rename the damaged file by adding Old to the end of the filename (for example, NRGship UPS Pro Data is renamed to NRGship UPS Pro Data Old)
  • When complete, it will give the repaired file the original name

If you experience unusual behavior in the recovered file, you should revert to a backup copy that was made before the file became corrupt.

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