NRGship Status Notifications

NRGship solutions differ from other products on the market because we dont’ act as a middle-man as part for standard shipping functions like validation, rating, shipping and tracking. NRGship communicates directly with our shipping carrier partners via APIs to reduce potential points of failure for your shipping operation.

As an effort to be fully transparent, NRG Software monitors the carrier APIs using a variety of methods and we encourage our users to signup for notifications of outages to reduce the need to contact NRG if you’re experiencing issues. You can view our status page at

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9th annual FedEx Small Business Grant Contest

You’ve grown stronger and wiser over the last year. And the valuable new lessons you’ve learned have helped you become more focused than ever before. Now you have a chance to win $50,000 to help you continue growing your business. Enter the 9th annual FedEx Small Business Grant Contest today.

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Meet Cross-Border Demand with Ease

Don’t let customs and regulations stop you from growing internationally. In today’s business climate, expanding your customer base is essential. That means shipping across borders to fulfill growing demand. The time to export is now, for a number of reasons. Watch our Global E-Commerce webinar and learn from business owners who successfully made the jump.

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Better Planning, Fewer Surprises

Estimate Shipping Costs With Ease. Being aware of shipping costs will help you budget accurately and avoid unnecessary add-on expenses. UPS has tools available to educate yourself with before you ship.

Calculate Time & Cost

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NRGship for UPS Compatibility with macOS Big Sur

macOS 11, also known as Big Sur was released on Thursday, November 12th, 2020. Big Sur is is a free update from Apple. It will run on most any Mac made since 2013, however we consider this a major OS release. Big Sur sports a refined interface, and under the hood removes older technology which can break compatability with applications, while adding support for Apple’s new silicon processors. NRGship for UPS has been tested under Big Sur however we highly suggest users wait to upgrade to ensure compatibility across all installed applications.

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