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I like robots

Our friends over at Buyolympia have this really cool Create Your Own Robot set. Every kid should get one of these this Christmas. I want two.

It also reminded me that it’s FIRST Lego League time again. FLL is a stellar program that gets middle school kids excited about science and technology by building autonomous Lego robots which need to complete a complex challenge in a short period of time.


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For aspiring UPS drivers this Halloween

Ok, so why have your kids go with the norm this Halloween season. Check out this UPS Guy toddler costume at They’ve got a postal carrier costume too. If you order today, you’ll have it by the 30th. Go Brown!

UPS Guy Toddler Costume

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UPS Announces 2009 UPS Rates And Services

UPS announced today that UPS Ground rates will increase an average of 5.9%. UPS Air and International will see an average net 4.9% increase. You’ll be able to preview the new rates tomorrow at These rates take effect January 5, 2009.

Offset these rate increases by becoming more efficient in your shipping department. NRGShip products are built so you can process your orders seamlessly in a Mac environment.

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NRG Provides UPS Rate Enhancements

UPS® has selected NRG Software to participate in the initial rollout of Account Based Rates (ABR/Negotiated Rates) as part of the UPS® Ready program.

The v1.2 release provides the ability to display account specific negotiated rates prior to shipment.  Customer benefits include improved speed and accuracy of the accounting process:

  • Improved internal cost allocation
  • Improved bill reconciliation
  • Ability to make more informed shipping decisions by comparing the actual costs of various options
  • Increased customer satisfaction with the ability to pass the net shipping cost to the end customer

For more information, download Negotiated Rates Brochure, call 262-432-0934, or email

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