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FedEx goes Viral with Castaway

To start, I’m a software developer so I don’t watch the SuperBowl. A customer recently shared the link below of this Super Bowl ad which is now making the viral rounds.

You’ve probably seen the movie “Castaway”, where Tom Hanks played a FedEx employee who was stranded for years on a remote island, struggled to survive, and struggled to hold onto his sanity by talking to a soccer ball named “Wilson.”

Do you remember the FedEx box that survived the plane crash, the one which Hanks was compelled to deliver?  If so, did you ever wonder exactly “what” was in that FedEx box?  Well it has finally been declassified…..check the video below.


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UPS Mobile for iPhone tops the Charts

We checked the App Store to see if the USPS Mobile app had been released, and noticed that UPS Mobile for the iPhone is listed as the Top Free App, displacing FedEx Mobile for iPhone. Customer reviews continue to be very positive.


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