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UPS To Mark World Environment Day By Matching Offsets Of Carbon Neutral Shipments In June

This month UPS will commemorate World Environment Day by matching the carbon offsets of all packages shipped via its carbon neutral program during the month of June. UPS carbon neutral counterbalances the estimated carbon impact of each shipment by purchasing certified carbon offsets.

See their announcement here:

And then check out our NRG Videos giving you specific instructions on how to ship Carbon Neutral:
How to ship Carbon Neutral with NRGship for UPS Pro or NRGship UPS for FileMaker
How to ship Carbon Neutral with NRGship for UPS

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Introducing: NRGship Webinar Series

Explore ways to get the most out of NRGship through our webinar series. Learn all the basics of NRGship. We’ll teach you how to easily rate, create labels and track delivery status. Choose a topic, pick a date/time and we’ll see you there!
Introduction to NRGship for UPS®
Introduction to NRGship Pro for UPS®
Introduction to NRGship for FileMaker

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Using NRGship on Older Macs

The recent expiration of root certificates has caused some issues with older Macs running 10.10 Yosemite and 10.11 El Capitan. This is not an issue with NRGship, it is due to the fact that updates for these older operating systems have not been provided by Apple since 2018 so they cannot connect securely to modern day websites.

We highly recommend updating to 10.13 macOS High Sierra or above for any Mac released since 2010. You can find more infromation on supported hardware for macOS High Sierra on the Apple website.

If you have a 2009 vintage Mac, you could also update to 10.12 macOS Sierra.

We do realize that updates may not be possible on older hardware.  With a few simple steps you can edit your security settings to allow access to the nrgsoft website on these older computers as a possible workaround. In the video below we’ll show you how you can go into Safari and enable trust settings.

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