UPSer builds “logistics complex” out of LEGO bricks

The UPS upside blog recently write an article about UPSer Reed Cowan, President of the The Great Basin LEGO Train Club, who outfitted their train landscape with “UPS package cars, trailers, train cars, an airport hanger with the “UPS Logistics” logo on the roof … and what I believe to be the only helicopter in the UPS fleet.” 

NRGship Compatibility with Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion)

NRG Software has completed testing of it’s products with Mac OS X 10.7 GM.

  • NRGship for UPS is fully compliant.
  • NRGship Pro for UPS functionality for importing Microsoft Excel data is not compatible at this time with OS X 10.7. If you are importing Microsoft Excel data you should not upgrade.
  • NRGship FileMaker Pro solutions are dependent on the version of FileMaker Pro application being used. NRG always recommends the latest version of FileMaker Pro for best performance. Consult with FileMaker, Inc. for further information on OS X 10.7 compatibility.

NRG is committed to be compatible with the latest Apple operating systems and the shipping versions of NRGship products will be updated to support OS X Lion. NRGship customers will be notified of product updates as they are released.

Help the Letter Carriers Stamp out Hunger

On Saturday, May 14, the National Association of Letter Carriers will once again collect bags of donated food along their mail routes. The food is then delivered to local pantries and meal programs. Stamp Out Hunger is the largest single day food drive in the nation, running for 19 years and counting!

Simply leave any non-perishable food products at your mailbox and your letter carrier will pickup and delivery to your local food bank or pantry.

Photo by @cbuser

Local Mail Carriers perform in the Hunger Task Force Olympics. Photo by @cbuser


Apple Store Playmobil – I’d get this..

This would be so cool.  I’d get this.


A look inside UPS Worldport

National Geographic Megafactories takes a look at the UPS Worldport facility in Louisville, KY


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