NRGship Pro now supports the UPS Access Point™ Network

NRGship users can now utilize UPS Access Point locations, neighborhood stores designed to make online shopping easier and delivery more convenient for customers. Available as an ancillary shipping option, the Access Point ID can be provided by your customer or ecommerce system for entry. Your shipping label will then be generated using this alternate delivery address and your customer can pickup their package during convenient business hours vs. waiting at home to sign for a package. Find more information on Access Point Network @

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How can I take advantage of the UPS Smart Pickup® option in NRGship?

NRGship is the first UPS Ready® shipping solution to offer the UPS Smart Pickup® option, an innovative technology which automatically arranges pickups only when you have packages to ship. When your first shipment of the day is processed, NRGship automatically notifies UPS to make a UPS Smart Pickup on that day. UPS Smart Pickup is ideal for lower volume shippers who don’t need a daily pickup but prefer the convenience of driver pickup. Simply follow the steps below to quickly setup your UPS Account for Smart Pickup. If your first package is processed late in the day your pickup will be scheduled for the next day or you can manually request a UPS On-Call Pickup® or find a UPS location to drop off your package. You can find more information about Smart Pickup (and related fees) along with other services at

  1. First, login to the Maintain Your UPS Account page
  2. Select the UPS Account you want to enable Smart Pickup
  3. Press the Edit button under the Your Pickup Type and Information subheading
  4. Choose UPS Smart Pickup and select the appropriate pickup times.Screen Shot 2015-10-21 at 8.40.38 AMScreen Shot 2015-10-21 at 8.40.21 AM
  5. Press the Update button to save your selection
  6. Changes on your UPS Account can take up to three days. Once Smart Pickup is enabled for your account you can edit your NRGship preferences to take advantage of this new feature!


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Don’t Panic! UPS Tech alert

NRGship users need not worry about this UPS Tech alert.

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Save green with UPS Smart Pickup®

Having UPS stop at your business only when you have a package can save fuel, reduce carbon emissions and save you some money off the cost of standard UPS Daily Pickup. By utilizing UPS Smart Pickup® your pickups can be scheduled on demand. When you ship your first package of the day, NRGship will communicate with UPS and the driver will receive a UPS Smart Pickup notification to pick up all prepared packages. If your first package is processes too late in the day the pickup will be scheduled for the next business day or you can find a UPS location for drop off.

UPS Smart Pickup® can be easily configured for your UPS account by setting up a default pickup time. One the pickup service is enabled, you can turn it on in NRGship or NRGship Pro by simply checking a box to enable UPS Smart Pickup®.

Enable UPS Smart Pickup®

Enable UPS Smart Pickup® in NRGship UPS Pro










Enable UPS Smart Pickup® in NRGship UPS

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How to add a Zebra thermal printer to your Mac

We receive numerous support requests each week from users who would like to use a Zebra thermal printer on their Mac for printing of shipping labels in NRGship. In the video below, we walk  you thru the steps to quickly add this printer. Thermal printers like the ZP-450 are a cost-effective way to improve your shipping workflow as they require no toner or ink and the shipping label stock is provided free by UPS and FedEx. Contact our sales department for more information on these printers!

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