Sanitize for Safety: How to properly disinfect your devices

Thoroughly disinfecting your Zebra devices on a routine basis is essential to controlling the spread of infections and maintaining the safety of your employees.

Follow these guidelines — organized by product and model number — to implement an effective cleaning protocol.

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How can I export my UPS Address Book for use in NRGship?

Whether you have been using or WorldShip for your shipping needs, you can easily export your address book information for use in NRGship. Address Book

WorldShip Address Book

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How to process USMCA shipments with NRGship

This article is current as of July 2020. It will be updated as we receive new information from our carrier partners.


As of July 1st, 2020, the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA) will replace the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). Some shipments that cross the borders of these countries may require special import forms.

For USMCA details and forms, go to the U.S. Customs and Border Protection USMCA page. For NAFTA information, go to the U.S. Customs and Border Protection NAFTA page.


Currently the UPS Developer Kit APIs do not support the new USMCA forms for automated processing.  You will need to produce your own USMCA forms and apply them to the outside of packages. You can find more information on USMCA and a sample form for UPS shipments using this link.


Currently the FedEx Shipment APIs do not support the new USMCA forms for automated processing.  You will need to produce your own USMCA forms and apply them to the outside of packages. You can find more information on USMCA and a sample form for FedEx shipments using this link. We are working on an update where you can attach a PDF version of the FedEx form to your shipment.


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Learn to streamline your supply chain with iDrive

iDrive’s team of experts has phenomenal depth and knowledge in small parcel consulting and optimization. They help our clients see through the murky waters of their carrier agreements to find hidden savings as well enhancing visibility of their respective supply chains. The case study below shows how iDrive helped one of their client’s reduce parcel costs by 17.4%.

Client is a major Office Supply and Furniture Distributor with shipments to customers throughout the United States. The client’s transportation encompasses parcel shipments, many of which are bulky and unwieldy due to the nature of the contents. Business is driven through customer satisfaction, where important factors include cost and reliability. They had experienced challenges in establishing procurement credibility with both carriers in the past, which combined with the shipment characteristics present made for a non-competitive transportation procurement environment.

1. Establish credibility with both carriers to create a competitive bid environment.
2. Reduce overall parcel shipping costs.
3. Lay the groundwork for future competitive transportation procurement.

iDrive Logistics performed a detailed analysis of the historical parcel distribution data, including carrier agreements. The Client was a long-time customer of UPS, and had struggled to bring FedEx to the table in the past. This had created a procurement environment devoid of competition among carriers, resulting in wide leverage for UPS and poor pricing performance for the them. iDrive provided quantitative analysis and contract procurement coaching, with the goals of providing a credible business case to draw FedEx to the table, credibly conveying to UPS that risk of business loss existed, and ultimately reducing parcel costs and enhancing service provided by the chosen carrier.

As a result of iDrive’s advisory services, the Client exceeded the original objectives. Both carriers produced quality proposals which led to a contract representing a 17.4% annual reduction in parcel spend, and laid the groundwork for future competitive bids. Credibility with both carriers was enhanced, costs were reduced substantially, and the Client is well-positioned for future transportation procurement and additions of addenda throughout the current contract term.

To save money and streamline your supply chain, reach out to iDrive’s representative below:

Joe Nevans
VP – Business Development
Mobile: 503.960.6844
Office: 720.573.8995

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Claris Engage 2020

Claris Engage 2020 is around the corner. It’s different than what they envisioned, their first ever virtual conference experience, as they honor 25 years of community and collaboration. Over two days they will discuss topics such as Driving Customers towards Modern Design Excellence, Developers Making a Difference and Looking Ahead to Emerging Technology.

Please register today if you haven’t already since space may be limited for some sessions. Then join us on August 4 and 5 as we connect with the Claris Community, meet the Claris leadership team, and learn about the future of digital transformation. Browse the two-day schedule and featured speaker bios now, and register to reserve your seat for any sessions you’d like to attend.

Don’t forget the conference is virtual and free to attend, so please sign up for #ClarisEngage2020 soon:

We will miss chatting with our customers at this event but are making available our Trade Show Kit upon request.

NRG will also be holding our weekly FileMaker Integration Demo at 11:30a PST on Wednesday August 5th.

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