Scheduling Your UPS Pickup

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NRG Assists in Painless Fulfillment…

FileMaker Pro developer Ken d’Orionzio from Paradise Partners was recently featured alongside NRGShip customer The Fest on the FileMaker, Inc. website for their use of NRGShip UPS in creating a seamless order processing workflow. Ken also goes into more detail on the integration on his blog – check it out!

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UPS Experts Offer Tips for Better Gas Mileage

Did you know that UPS drivers shy away from left turns in an effort to save time and gas? Learn some tricks for driving green in the UPS Press Room.

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Importing MYOB Orders

NRGship supports a number of different import formats including MYOB.  Download PDF here.  For a short video tutorial on exporting your orders for importing into NRGship – click here.

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Mac OS 10.5.2 now supports Thermal Printers

With the release of Mac OS 10.5.2, there is now direct driver support for Zebra thermal printers. While Dymo printers are great for low-volume use, printers like the LP2844 are built for high-volume use. Learn more in this slideshow. View it BIG.

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