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Conan O’Brien Works for UPS…


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Celebrate your Cinco de Mayo with the latest NRGship Mac update!

Today’s release of NRGship Mac v1.1 will enable those last few Mac users hanging onto WorldShip to ditch that PC – and those shipping off of My UPS to become ridiculously more efficient. (Please hold your applause until the end.)  Version 1.1 now allows Mac users to import their My UPS and WorldShip address book files directly into the system as well as create custom groups of addresses.

Cinco more reasons to celebrate:
5. You can now batch ship from your address book
4. There is now support for networked Zebra thermal printers and support for the Dymo 4XL printer
3. We’ve added new USB scale options, including support for the Fairbanks Ultegra USB scale
2. You can now export your shipping history
1. and we’ve fixed some bugs 🙂

Core features still inside of every NRGship Mac download include the ability to capture both discounted rates and UPS published rates, domestic shipping of all UPS services, as well as integrated tracking.

So whether you ship a couple packages or dozens of packages every week, NRGship Mac is now better than ever at streamlining your workflow.  Check out these new features and many more and if you haven’t seen what NRGship Mac can do, continue your celebration for 15 more days with our free 15 day trial!

…..ok, you can applaud now…and then enjoy a margarita, because your life just got a little bit easier.

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Pros & Cons of Package Tracking

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Meet the elves of global commerce…

For UPS, Monday December 21st was the busiest day of the Christmas season. Some 22 million packages were due to be delivered worldwide. More at

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Branding issue

We came across this Mail Boxes Etc. store with multiple personalities while walking the streets of Manhattan.

Mailboxes Etc

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