No more undeliverables

Please contact us for tech specs, sample code and a test license to try the web service.


Pricing is tiered based on the number of records you will process per year

Up to 60,000 records -$900
Up to 120,000 records $1,500
Up to 300,000 records $2,000
Up to 600,000 records $3,000
Up to 1,200,000 records $5,000

Contact us for higher volume

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NRGvalidate web service is a web service compatible with all web application platforms and can be integrated into data entry software.

By using a web service, there is no need to ever update data on your systems. All data is housed remotely, and postal updates are applied as needed. This allows for simple integration - database administrators need not update lookup tables or other information. Application developers can write simple code to take advantage of our web service in nearly any programming environment, such as PHP, .Net, ASP, Java or AJAX.

It's very simple to use. A simple HTTP request will return back 20 fields of data, including the standardized address, city, state and Zip Code, plus additional attributes in XML or pipe-delimited format.

Implementation Screen Shots