Ship UPS from GarageSale

The fastest easiest way to ship UPS from GarageSale, the all-in-one eBay tool for Mac OS X. Available with GarageSale 6.

Mac Dashboard

How It Works

Create Shipments From Your Auctions

With a simple menu selection, you'll create shipment records in NRGship for UPS. All shipment information including address, email, auction number, and weight can be set in an instant. Add any additional options within NRGship, then create your label.

Return UPS Tracking Number to your Auction

Tracking number is put on your clipboard after shipping, so it's just a simple click to update in GarageSale.

Add Actual Shipping Charges on your Auction

Adding actual shipping is a simple copy and paste. NRGship even supports your UPS negotiated rates.

Easy Installation

Download the NRGship app, install and register with your UPS Account - the functions in GarageSale just work once NRGship is installed. You'll be shipping in no time.

Features & Pricing

  • Shipping, Rating, Tracking, Voiding
  • Email Notifications
  • Supports Your Rate Discounts
  • Creates Shipments outside of GarageSale
  • Integrates with your Mac Address Book
  • Imports Addresses from or UPS WorldShip
  • Ship on Account, 3rd Party and Receiver
  • Thermal Printer & Digital Scale Support
  • Shipping History and Tracking