Shipping Dashboard

Shipping packages with NRGship UPS is easy, just fill out the form from top to bottom with the necessary information.


The main window, or Dashboard is broken into four different sections:


The recipient pop-up is pre-populated with the address you used when you signed up to use NRGship UPS. You can create alternate from addresses.

Important Note

The from ZIP Code of your account is tied to your UPS account. You can create a different address using the pop-up, but UPS rates will be based on your account ZIP code.



Unlike other UPS applications you've used (or the UPS website), NRGship for UPS features an exclusive all-in-one address entry box. It makes sending packages easy, since there's no individual address fields to complete.

You can drag in v-cards into the address field as well.

NRGship UPS integrates with the Apple address book. If you'd like to import addresses into NRGship, please use the Apple Address Book application.

Note: UPS Addresses can only be 35 characters per line. NRGship will show you which characters won't print in red.

The appearance of the red characters indicates your line is too long and may cause an address validation error and your package may not arrive safely at its destination.

Check ZIP

The Check ZIP button attempts to validate the last line of your address to determine the valid ZIP+4.

It also checks the full address to determine if it is a Business or Residential.

Send QuantumViewâ„¢ Notifications

Checking this option sends out email notifications as specified in the Email Preference Panel.


Bill To

When assigning a UPS account to bill your shipping charges to you may select Shipper, Use Another Account or select to Bill the Receiver or a Third Party from the Bill To drop-down menu. If using another account you must know the account number and it's associated postal code.



The type or class of UPS service you'd like to use.

Delivery Time

After you Get Rate, a line will appear below the Service pop-up with the estimated delivery time. UPS offers you plenty of options for getting your shipment to its destination on time. Before completing your shipment, you are offered a chance to select other Shipping Services that may meet your needs more closely. Delivery guarantees and pricing information change when either automatically or when you select the Get Rate button, depending on the preferences you've chosen. Estimated delivery times assume that you'll be mailing your package on the day you choose Get Rate.

Package Type

Select a Package Type from the drop-down menu. A Package Type is required for all shipments. UPS Supplies provided by UPS may only be used with Air services. Dimensions on UPS Supplies will be automatically entered. "Package" is shipper provided, and it is recommended that you enter dimensions for a more accurate rate.


Enter the weight of the package. Required for non-letter packages.


UPS charges not just based on weight, but dimensional size.

Insured Value

UPS automatically protects every shipment against loss or damage up to a US$100 depending on the type of package and your location. When you specify a higher amount in the Insured Value field, you are requesting additional protection for your shipment up to the maximum value of US$50,000. For additional limits and restrictions, refer to the respective UPS Rate and Service Guide.

Additional Services

Clicking the Additional Services Options... button brings up the additional options panel.

Additional Services Description

Saturday Delivery

Stretch your business week with Saturday Delivery.

Verbal Confirmation of Delivery

Receive confirmation by telephone that UPS delivered your urgent morning shipment.


Rely on UPS to collect payment for your shipment at the time of delivery.

Shipper Release

Authorize a delivery without a signature requirement. Cannot be used with COD.

Delivery Confirmation

Verify that your shipment was delivered with your choice of signature or adult signature options. Cannot be used with COD.

Additional Handling:

Select the checkbox if your package meets the following conditions


An optional field that lets you identify your shipment later. The items in this field are kept only in the local shipment history and are not transmitted to UPS or printed on the label.

Shipment References

UPS allows you to track your shipments using custom values and labels that you define. For example, you can track your shipments using purchase order numbers, invoice numbers, or department numbers. You can assign one or two reference numbers to each shipment or package. The values default to any reference numbers you have entered in your shipping preferences.