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  1. Why is my commercial invoice not printing?
    If you are submitting a shipment with full commodity information for the commercial invoice, but the commercial invoice is not printing then your UPS account is likely setup for paperless invoicing. Shipping labels for paperless invoicing will include the letters "EDI" in the lower right hand ...

  2. Does NRGship support UPS Import Control?
    Yes, but only in NRGship UPS Pro or UPS for FileMaker. Import Control allows you to create shipping labels to provide to your international supplier, for shipments to you or a third party. It puts you in control of the shipment management, and even allows for the Commercial Invoice to be removed ...

  3. Does NRG's UPS Shipping Software support international shipping?
    Yes! You can ship FROM or TO international destinations. The following counties are valid as origin countries: Argentina Australia Austria Belgium Brazil Canada Chile China Costa Rica Czech Republic Denmark Dominican Republic Finland France Germany Greece Guatemala Hong Kong Hungary India Indone ...