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  1. Can NRGship for UPS and NRGship Pro for UPS be integrated with web sites or desktop applications?
    NRGship for UPS and NRGship Pro for UPS can be easily integrated to a web based applications or even a Mac application via the nrgship:// URL type. Following is an example of a sample URL. You must have NRG's UPS Shipping Software installed for this to work. Clicking on the link will populate al ...

  2. How does NRGship for UPS integrate with GarageSale? (video)
    The latest release of GarageSale 6, an eBay auction management software, has integrated shipping with NRGship UPS.  Users can now ship their auctions via UPS by using NRGship UPS and update tracking information instantly on their auctions. The following video demonstrates how to ship using NRGsh ...