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  1. I get a $$-9806 error when shipping
    UPS is in the process of upgrading their server security per this Data Security update. During this time users may see intermitent failures from UPS servers. Upgrading to the latest build of NRGshp (275+) will force TLS 1.2 connections but requires Mac OS 10.9 or above.

  2. I get a $$-9807 error when shipping
    If you get a $$-9807 error when rating, shipping, etc. you will need to upgrade your Mac because the SSL root certificates as part of MacOS won't allow a connection to the remote host. We suggest upgrading to OS 10.10 or higher.

  3. I get a $$12057 error when shipping
    This error is happening because the program NRGship uses a secure encrypted protocol (SSL) to connect to servers. Under rare conditions, your computer may display the error below because it is unable to validate the SSL certificate. How to fix it This error is easy to fix and should take ...

  4. Why is my FileMaker Server showing authentication warnings for users when trying to connect to the related NRGship databases?
    Seeing user authentication failed warnings in your FileMaker Server log is a common occurrence and there is no need to be alarmed. These warnings occur when your FileMaker database is related to the NRGship database and FileMaker tries to open the related NRGship file with the users existing cre ...

  5. Why does my bill reflect a higher cost than what my shipment shows in NRGship?
    NRG provides the shipping carrier with the weight and dimensions you enter in NRGship during the rating and shipping process. If you do not provide dimensions it's possible that the carrier could re-rate a package due to dimensional sizing. Your carrier invoice will then show the adjusted rate b ...

  6. Why am I getting a thermal label when my printer setting is laser?
    When creating shipping labels in NRGship Pro for UPS or any NRG FileMaker solution, the preference for printer type is set when you create the shipping record. If you wish to switch your labels from thermal to laser, you can do so in the Printer Preferences. However, you must create a new ship r ...

  7. Why am I getting a laser label when my printer setting is thermal?
    When creating shipping labels in NRGship Pro for UPS or any NRG FileMaker solution, the preference for printer type is set and stored when you create the ship record. If you wish to switch your labels from laser to thermal, you can do so in the Printer Preferences. However, you must create a new ...

  8. Which digital scales are supported by NRG's shipping software?
    NRG's shipping software for Mac and FileMaker supports a variety of digital scales including: USB Connected Scale - NRG's shipping software also supports a variety of USB (non-serial) scales like the Toledo PS 60, Dymo, and Fairbanks Ultegra (The Fairbanks scale only works with some operating ...

  9. When I open the NRG FileMaker file off a FileMaker Pro host it's asking me for a username and password.
    If you are getting a dialog asking for a username/password, then the database file was not set for sharing before it was placed on your FileMaker Pro Server. Go to preferences in the carrier solution, click on the Developer/Maintenance tab and then run the Multi-User On or Multi-User On (Hidden ...

  10. Linking to accounts
    A company in the Ship Manager can have one or more locations. Each workstation in the Ship Manager is linked to a specific location. The LocationName value in Locations must match an alias in the UPS or FedEx software so that the proper account number is applied to a newly created ship record. I ...

  11. Error: $$-4230 when shipping from NRG's FileMaker Shipping Software
    This is a timeout error, most likely due to a network error during carrier communication. Please try to ship again. If you incur this error continually, you may want to go into NRGship preferences and adjust the default timeout value.

  12. Error: $-9815 when trying to ship or get rates in NRG's FileMaker Shipping Software
    The $-9815 error is network related with SSL certificate checks. Make sure your computers time zone is set properly to a US location, and that your clock displays the correct time. An older proxy server or firewall could also cause this error.

  13. Why is my Zebra printer printing extra blank labels?
    The paper feed sensor is off, so you need to reset the printer.  Zebra LP2844 Press and hold the feed button on the top of the printer This will re-calibrate the label feed Zebra ZP-450 and ZP-500 Turn the printer on Hold down the feed button Wait until until it flashes two times then re ...