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  1. How do I export my address book from WorldShip?
    To export addresses, follow these steps: 1. Select Create/Edit Map from Import/Export Data on the Worldship File Menu. 2. From the pop up screen, highlight the Default Export address book. Under New Map, select Export Data from Worldship and make sure to check the Export CSV checkbox Name your ...

  2. Error: 120413 The UPS account number provided as the payment method cannot be billed, please try another account
    There is an issue with the third party or recipient UPS account number. Please have the account holder call their UPS representative or (800) 468-8823 for assistance.

  3. Error: Thermal label output
    If you receive an error that says it's unable to close the interface and device it's likely due to a mis-matched power adapter on your LP2844 printer. Be sure to use a Hitek Power adapter, Model # PLUS120 with 20V, 2.5A output. You can purchase new adapters from the Zebra UPS (Power Supply, 100 ...

  4. Error: 120121 The shippers shipping number cannot be used for the shipment in NRG's UPS Shipping Software
    This is a UPS account issue due to the account number being suspended. Please call your UPS representative or (800) 468-8823 for assistance.

  5. How do I print a Daily Manifest in NRGship UPS Shipping Software?
    UPS for FileMaker and NRGship UPS Pro Navigate to the Shipping List window. From there, you will see an icon on the top menu to create a daily shipping manifest. This report provides shipment details for the current day. You can also change the date to any other day and generate the report. ...

  6. Do I need an End of Day Report or Daily Pickup Report with NRG's UPS Shipping Software?
    No. You do not need an end of day, daily pickup report for the UPS driver to sign or scan when using NRGship UPS shipping software. As shipping labels are printed from NRGship, package information is sent in real-time to UPS, thereby eliminating the need for an End of Day (EOD) report, unlike UP ...

  7. How do I create a Hold For Pickup shipment in NRG's UPS Shipping Software?
    First, check the UPS website or call 1-800-Pick-UPS for the most convenient UPS Hold for Pickup location. Next, prepare a label including the words “Hold for Pickup,” the recipient’s name and telephone number and the full address of the UPS Customer Center. Apply a UPS Hold for Pickup label a ...

  8. Why is my Zebra printer printing extra blank labels?
    The paper feed sensor is off, so you need to reset the printer.  Zebra LP2844 Press and hold the feed button on the top of the printer This will re-calibrate the label feed Zebra ZP-450 and ZP-500 Turn the printer on Hold down the feed button Wait until until it flashes two times then re ...

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