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How do I print from NRGship to a USB connected printer on a Windows workstation?
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If you are using a USB connected thermal printer you will need to share the printer as a network device and then map the printer to a LPT port.

Step 1: Share and name the printer on your workstation

Open the printer control panel and right-click on the printer name, then select printer properties. Select the Sharing tab, then check the "Share This Printer" checkbox and enter a share name below. Press OK to close the printer properties. In this example, our printer is shared as "lp2844".

Step 2: Make note of your full computer name. 

One way to find this is to go to My Computer, right click and select properties. In this example, our name is "nrg-PC"

Step 3:
Capture the printer in DOS

NOTE: This step needs to be completed as an Administrator.

a. From the Start menu select "Run" and type CMD [enter] to display the command prompt.

b. Prepare your DOS command to capture the printer.  Below is our command based on using lpt3 as our port, the share name of the printer (lp2844 from above) and our workstation name (nrg-PC from above).

net use lpt3 \\nrg-PC\lp2844 /persistent:yes

Yours will be different based on your port, your printer name and your workstation name.

c.  Enter the command in DOS.  This will capture the printer. Once you receive the return message of "The command completed successfully" you know you can close the DOS window and move on to the next step.

Step 4:
In NRGship preferences you would then select LPT3 for your printer port.

Troubleshooting: You can always go to DOS and type NET USE to check the status of the connection. It should show as connected. If you need to re-capture you can type NET USE LPT3 /DELETE and then re-capture following instructions above. Software like anti-virus or firewalls can also block the ability to share and capture printers. Users must have access privledges to share and capture as well.
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