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How do I prepare an international shipment for UPS?
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Most international shipments only require a Commercial Invoice. A Commercial Invoice is used for all shipments containing non-documents and is used for importation control, valuation and duty determination. 3 copies of the Commercial Invoice will print along with your shipping label. You will need to affix these to your package.

On the main shipping screen, a phone number is required along with a description for your shipment at the declared customs value:

Once you indicate your shipment is going to an international address, you will be able to complete the Commercial Invoice in the Int'l Forms section. You can easily set the Ship To address by clicking the button above the entry boxes. Include the following information:

You will need to add goods or item information using the "Add Goods" popup window. You can store the item details in Preferences if you ship the same item often. A tariff code is not required.

For more details on International shipments with NRGship, review the help files.
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