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How do I know if my discounted rates are showing in NRGship?
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During the NRGship signup process you have the option to setup discounted rates in NRGship. When you make this selection, an email is sent that you can forward to your UPS sales representative. This email contains your UPS Rate code which needs to be manually enabled in the UPS system. Because this is a manual process, it may take a few days for your discounted rates to display in NRGship. Be assured that you will always be billed your discounted rate regardless of the rate displayed in NRGship.

If you did not select the discounted rate option during signup, you can easily obtain your UPS Rate code and select the discounted rate option. Simply login to your NRGship account and view your license detail.

Select the option to display "Both Published and Discounted Rates" and provide your UPS sales representative the displayed UPS Rate Code. You may want to provide them with these instructions. You will also need to go into NRGship, select Preferences, then the Account tab and press the Refresh Account button.

Once discounted rates have been enabled, NRGship will display your discounted rate in the rate quick look.

In NRGship preferences you can also set to display the discounted rate on the mail window. Simply select Negotiated from the display popup.

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