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Do I need an End of Day Report or Daily Pickup Report with NRG's UPS Shipping Software?
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No. You do not need an end of day, daily pickup report for the UPS driver to sign or scan when using NRGship UPS shipping software.

As shipping labels are printed from NRGship, package information is sent in real-time to UPS, thereby eliminating the need for an End of Day (EOD) report, unlike UPS Worldship, which uses a batch update process. Therefore, there is no EOD documentation or transaction and no summary barcode that you can provide the UPS driver to scan for your daily shipments.  (NRG does provide a daily manifest report, but it has no barcode)

Each shipping label from an NRGship shipment has a small package symbol printed on it near the bottom on the right side. This symbol indicates that each package is prepaid, which indicates to the UPS driver that no additional documentation is needed in order to accept the package(s).  See UPS Pickup FAQ.

It is not necessary to provide the driver any documentation for the daily shipments. They can simply scan the label one at a time or not at all.

Sometimes, our customers encounter a driver that is so accustomed to the pickup summary bar code, that it does not know how to handle a large quantity of internet-processed shipments. It can sometimes be difficult to convince UPS drivers that they do not need to scan anything when making daily pickups. Instruct your driver that these packages are all legitimate shipments, and that he must accept them.They can confirm this information with their supervisors or UPS headquarters.

NRGship does produce this document after the first shipment to help you explain this to your driver.  Download and print if for some reason it did not print out on your first shipment.
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