NRG Software

Where We Work

NRG Software, LLC
179 Broadway Ave.
Milwaukee, WI 53202

Toll Free: 866-951-3124
Phone: 262-432-0934
Fax: 262-436-1791

Office Hours: M-F
9am - 5pm (CST)

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Who is NRG?

NRG Software offers simple software solutions for business users. We've found a niche in helping businesses automate and optimize workflow around order processing, data management and our specialty - shipping integration.

Formed in 1996 by Andy Knasinski, our original focus was developing workflow tools to enable our customers to integrate data and design to automate their publishing.

As more of our clients entered the Ecommerce and developed multi-channel distribution models, we recognized that "last mile" gap from order processing to shipping as a problem area. So we rolled up our sleeves and shifted much of our focus on shipping solutions and relationships with the major shipping carriers to enable us to meet our customers needs.

The result of that work was the development and launch of NRGship UPS FileMaker Pro Toolkit and Mac software solutions in 2005. FileMaker Pro developer toolkits for most shipping carriers round out the NRGShip line.

Every day NRG customers process thousands of shipments using NRGship as their shipping management tool.


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