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NRG achieves FedEx Compatible Community status for 2024

When looking for a trusted business solution, you can count on NRG solutions for your FedEx shipping needs.

NRG is part of the FedEx Compatible Solutions Program, which integrates FedEx shipping capability into many of the most popular business software systems, like FileMaker Pro. 

NRGship is designed to streamline shipping processes for businesses of all sizes, providing enhanced efficiency, cost savings, and customer satisfaction.

FedEx tests the shipping functionality of each solution to make sure it provides the reliability you expect from FedEx – with fast processing, powerful tracking and a broad array of services. 

NRGship offers a range of powerful features:

  • Seamless Integration: Easily integrate FedEx shipping functionality into existing business systems, reducing manual processes and increasing efficiency.
  • Automated Shipping: Generate shipping labels, track packages, and manage shipments automatically, saving time and reducing errors.
  • Customized Solutions: Tailor the integration to meet specific business needs, ensuring a perfect fit for every customer.
  • Real-Time Updates: Stay informed with real-time tracking and status updates for all shipments, providing greater visibility and control.

Contact us any time if you would like to discuss which NRG solutions meet your needs!


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Upgrading NRGship Pro for UPS for June 2024 UPS API Updates

As previously noted, customers will need to update to current versions for UPS API compatibility before early June 2024.

In the video below we will walk you thru the following steps to upgrade NRGship Pro for UPS.

  • Rename your existing NRGship folder by appending BACKUP to the name
  • Download new UPS files from
  • Drag the NRGship Pro for UPS folder to your Applications folder
  • In the BACKUP folder rename the files ending with .12USR to .BAK.12USR
  • Copy the four .BAK.12USR files into the new NRGship folder
  • Open NRGship Pro for UPS – it will ask about updating – say Yes
  • During the preference import it’s going to ask you to login to to link NRGship to your UPS account. This is required information.
  • In NRGship, go to the UPS accounts tab – it should show your UPS accounts with API info
  • Check your imported preferences to make sure everything else looks correct
  • Remove/re-add your dock icon for NRGship Pro
  • You are ready to ship!
  • Note that when your NRGship Account was created your previous license code was used for your password

Be sure to check out our release notes for information on new features and fixes.

If you are uncomfortable performing the upgrade on your own, then reach out to NRG Support for assistance.

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Upgrading NRGship FM for June 2024 UPS API Updates

As previously mentioned, all NRGship FM for UPS users (and users of multi-carrier Ship Connect) will need to update to current versions for UPS API compatibility before early June 2024.

Customers who are using a single carrier solution should have no issue upgrading. Customers with Ship Connect or combinations of UPS and other carriers should contact NRG Support. We have tested with versions going back to FileMaker Pro v16 however we highly recommend updating to v19 or above to take advantage of full functionality. If you are using an older version of FileMaker Pro we also provide some upgrade resources.

In the video below we will walk you thru the following steps to upgrade files hosted on FileMaker Server.

  • Preview your existing install for any modifications to layouts or scripts that will need to be applied after upgrading
  • Open your FileMaker Server (FMS) Admin Console
  • Within the FMS Console
    • Close the four NRGship UPS files
    • Download the four files from FileMaker Server to your downloads folder
    • Remove files from FileMaker Server
  • Create a folder and drop in the downloaded files, expanding if necessary
  • Rename the files you just downloaded with .bak.fmp12
  • Download new UPS files from
  • Drop the four new files into the folder with the .bak.fmp12 files
  • Open the NRGship Pro UPS file and it will ask about importing prefs/data from backup – say yes
  • During the preference import it’s going to ask you to login to to link NRGship to your UPS account. This is required information.
  • In NRGship, go to UPS accounts tab – it should show your UPS accounts with API info
  • Close up files
  • In your existing files (the .fmp12.bak files), check for a post-shipment script and copy from backup UPS Data file if necessary
  • Within FileMaker Pro, upload files back to FileMaker Server
  • Within the FMS Console, re-open files on server
  • Within FileMaker Pro, be sure to apply any layout or script customization to the new files
  • Note that when your NRGship Account was created your previous license code was used for your password

You can also perform an update directly on the server, bypassing the need to download and upload files. When replacing files be sure to check for proper OS file permissions before re-opening on server.

Workstations will auto-update plugins as needed. If you have plugins located in older directories (ex: the FileMaker Pro application folder or Shared folder in user folders) then you will need to remove those so the plugin install can properly complete.

Be sure to check out our release notes for information on new features and fixes.

If you are uncomfortable performing the upgrade on your own, then reach out to NRG Support for assistance.

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Now is the time to upgrade your legacy FileMaker Pro app

With impending updates to NRGship FM for UPS and FedEx, there is no time better than now to upgrade your end-of-life (EOL) FileMaker application. As of June 2024, EOL versions are defined as any release before FileMaker v19.6 from December 2022.

Besides the need to update for NRGship FM compatibility, there are numerous additional benefits according to Claris Partner Harlow Technologies.

  1. Pushing off updates makes future updates harder
  2. Lack of Claris support
  3. Older versions of FileMaker Go are not available on the AppStore
  4. Fixes for security vulnerabilities
  5. Newer is better – there are many time-saving features in new versions of FileMaker Pro

The other benefit we would add is compatibility with newer operating systems and hardware. Old versions of FileMaker Pro likely will not run on newer Macs. By upgrading at least to FileMaker 19.6 you have compatibility with the latest OS releases. If you have older hardware, any Mac since 2012 can be updated to macOS Catalina 10.15. This provides a base environment to mix old and new hardware so you can make plans  for future hardware and software updates.

The current NRG support policy states that NRGship requires a minimum of Claris FileMaker Pro v18 however it may work with older versions.

If you need assistance with upgrading or FileMaker licensing, please contact our sales department.

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NRG is now a two-time UPS Ready® Premier Partner

NRG Software was recently recognized a second time for our outstanding performance as a UPS Ready® partner. UPS® Premier Partners are selected based on performance, collaboration, integrations, adoption, responsiveness to key initatives and support of UPS sales & services.


Over the past year we’ve implemented new features like address entry auto-complete, importing data from Squarespace and additional custom labeling options with UPS 4×8 label stock.

If you’re looking for a shipping solution that doesn’t tie you to the rigidity of carrier or other third party solutions, we’d like to share more about how we’re working with UPS to help businesses improve their shipping processes.

If you’re interested in learning more about NRGship solutions, please contact our sales department.


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Add your branding to labels in NRGship Pro for UPS

It’s easy to add branding to your shipping labels with NRGship Pro for UPS. First, make sure your image is black and white, resolution is divisible by 8, and no transparent background. Second, adjust NRGship Pro for UPS settings to enable the logo on label. The video below will walk you thru all the steps!

NRGship Pro for UPS also offers additional options for 4×8 label stock including the shipment label header (tracking and cost info), custom label messaging (great for gift box messaging!) and QR code messages.

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NRGship to support UPS RESTful APls in 2024

Recently, UPS customers have been receiving messaging regarding UPS access keys being retired in June of 2024. NRGship communicates with UPS servers using this interface and has been actively redeveloping using the newer RESTful APIs for release in 2024. We expect this release to be posted before May 1, 2024. Updating to the newer release before June 1, 2024 will provide longterm compatability with future UPS updates.

If you are a FileMaker Developer and have done your own UPS integration with legacy APIs then you may want to evaluate using NRGship FM for UPS instead of investing development resources into your own efforts. NRGship FM is the only carrier-certified solution for UPS, FedEx and USPS shipping from FileMaker Pro. Watch this video to see how you can quickly add UPS rating and shipping in under 10 minutes without the need to do any complex coding.

If you are using the older UPS API on your website or thru some other means be sure to contact those developers for their transition plan.

If you have any questions about the API retirement, please contact NRG support.

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Create FedEx Shipping Labels from FileMaker Pro in under 10 Minutes

In this video we will show you how to quickly integrate NRGship FM for FedEx with your Claris FileMaker Pro database by adding an external data source, creating relationships with the NRGship tables, and building a basic shipping script. While this video utilizes our FedEx solution, the process is similar for other carriers.

With NRGship FM for FedEx you can create shipping labels with simple scripting. There is no need to utilize complex CURL, JSON or other functions. NRGship FM for FedEx is a carrier-certified FedEx Compatible solution which means you don’t need to worry about future service compatibility such as current WSDL retirement.

Contact NRG Sales if you have questions about migrating from internally-developed integrations to NRGship.


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Using NRGship on Older Macs (2023)

Recently we have had support issues with older Macs not supporting TeamViewer which we use for remote support.

We highly recommend updating to 10.15 macOS Catalina for any Mac released since 2012. You can find more infromation on supported hardware for macOS Catalina on the Apple website.

We do not recommend updating older Macs to newer OS versions like Ventura or Sonoma as these versions are meant for newer Apple Silicon Macs and performance and compatability will be degraded.

As always, check compatability with other applications that you use before updating.

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Optimize Business Operations with aACE ERP + NRGship

NRG Software recently collaborated with aACE Software in a webinar about how NRGship integrates with aACE. See this integration in action using

aACE is a comprehensive Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution designed to meet the needs of businesses across various industries. From accounting to inventory management and production management to CRM, aACE provides a centralized platform for organizations to manage their processes effectively. aACE is designed for companies that have outgrown small-business software packages and patchwork solutions or are frustrated by the poor performance of expensive ERP systems.

In the age of global commerce, efficient shipping and logistics are essential for success. NRGship integrates smoothly with aACE, streamlining business operations from order creation to product delivery. Shipping data transfers back and forth between NRGship and aACE for easily accessible information and real-time visibility, allowing businesses to track shipments, monitor delivery times, and proactively address any issues that may arise. Shipments are processed using NRGship while the data remains in aACE.

Key advantages include:

  • Improved Order Accuracy: By automating the shipping process, the likelihood of errors such as incorrect addresses or shipping methods is significantly reduced.
  • Enhanced Efficiency: With aACE and NRG Shipping working together, redundant tasks are minimized.
  • Real-Time Visibility: The integration provides real-time visibility into all areas of the shipping process.
  • Cost Savings: Automation and efficiency translate to cost savings. By optimizing shipping processes, businesses can reduce shipping costs and improve their bottom line.

By combining the robust features of aACE with the efficiency of NRG Shipping, organizations can create a seamless system. As businesses continue to prioritize speed, accuracy, and customer satisfaction, the aACE and NRG Shipping integration stands out as a strategic investment in the future success of any enterprise.

Contact aACE Sales and please reference referral code “NRG” to find out if aACE is a good fit for your business!

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