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NRGship Pro Offers Address Auto-Complete

Recent builds of NRGship Pro for UPS, NRGship Pro for FedEx and FileMaker Pro integrated solutions all include address auto-complete during entry. Using auto-complete, you can reduce your entry of city, state and postal code to insure proper shipment addressing. Coupled with existing address validation features, NRGship solutions provide you with the best shipment deliverability.

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NRG shipping supports new USPS Ground Advantage

On July 9, 2023, USPS introduced a new ground-based package service: USPS Ground Advantage. This service replaces USPS First-Class Package Service, Parcel Select Ground, and Retail Ground. First-Class Mail Letters and Large Envelopes/Flats will continue to be available. Ground Advantage delivers packages within the Continental United States in 2-5 business days with free tracking and $100 of USPS insurance for packages between 0 and 70 lbs.

Recent builds of Ship Connect Multi-Carrier and NRGship FM for USPS support the new USPS Ground Advantage option. Previous builds have existing First-Class and ParcelSelect services re-mapped to the new USPS Ground Advantage. Cutomers using these services should plan to upgrade their solution files before end-of-year 2023 for continued service availability.

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Migrating from FileMaker Single Carriers to Ship Connect

We’ve had a lot of interest recently from customers who are interested in moving from a single carrier solution to multi-carrier. We see this quite often when you have a primary shipping carrier but want to take advantage of other carriers for third-party shipments or offer alternative shipping services for specific orders. Migrating to Ship Connect is a fairly simple process, but Ship Connect is not presently a user-downloadable offering. NRG will configure Ship Connect based on the desired carriers that you need and will provide solution files. Ship Connect is more robust than single carrier solutions – it supports multiple locations and custom printer/scale settings for each workstation. Ship Connect presently supports carriers like UPS, FedEx, USPS via, DHL, Australian Post, Amazon Seller-Fulfilled Prime, GLS and Spee-Dee along with numerous LTL and freight brokers.


If you’re interested in learning more about Ship Connect, please contact our sales department.

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FedEx to retire COD services

Be aware that future releases of NRGship will have COD functionality removed.

Effective July 31, 2023, FedEx Ground Collect on Delivery (C.O.D.), FedEx Ground Electronic Collect on Delivery (E.C.O.D.), and FedEx Express Collect on Delivery within and to the U.S. will be retired and no longer available. FedEx Ground C.O.D. within and to Canada and Express Freight C.O.D. will remain available for shipments at this time.

If you require COD shipping functionality, please contact us for alternative collection options.

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Ship Connect now supports Spee-Dee Delivery

Spee-Dee Delivery is a west coast regional carrier that provides parcel delivery services in Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wisconsin and select cities in Michigan, Misssouri and Nebraska. Regional carriers can reduce shipping costs 10 to 40% over working solely with major carriers.

In Ship Connect, you can now rate, ship and track packages with Spee-Dee alongside other major carriers. Our integration with Spee-Dee includes support for carrier features like signature options and COD.

If you’re interested in hearing more about how NRG can connect your FileMaker database, ERP or ecommerce system with providers like Spee-Dee, please contact our sales department.



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What’s the best barcode scanner to use with Claris FileMaker Pro?

We recently saw a posting on a FaceBook group requesting some help with barcode scanning in Claris FileMaker Pro. Handheld barcode scanners provide far greater speed and accuracy with data capture vs using a camera on a mobile device. Barcodes are fantastic for quick entry of invoice numbers, pick slips, skus, inventory location and so much more. Previosuly we’ve talked about data capture with Zebra mobile devices however a USB or bluetooth scanner can also be connected to your desktop or mobile device. While there are a plethora of barcode scanners available, Zebra barcode scanners are very rugged and provide the ability to configure to send pre/post scan data which provides for much more robust integration. We also recommend barcode scanners with 2D capabilities so you can leverage smaller QR or other similar symbologies that can pack larger amounts of data in a small space. By purchasing a scanner with 2D functions can you future-proof  your hardware investment.

Zebra DS2200

Zebra DS2200 Series Barcode Scanner

Zebra DS2208 – USB 1D/2D For around $100 this cabled scanner will provide a lifetime of use.


Zebra CS60 – Bluetooth Companion 1D/2D While a little more costly, this scanner can connect to a desktop or mobile device and provides durability and the ability to charge thru QI inductive charging.

Zebra/Motorola Symbols DS6878-SR 1D/2D – Budget Option This discountinued model is available on Amazon at a huge savings and can be used cabled or wireless.

In the video below we walkthru how to implement barcode scanners in Claris FileMaker Pro. By using  pre-scan options available on Zebra scanners you can execute a FileMaker script before the scanned data is passed. This allows you to send the cursor to a specific layout/field or display a dialog for data capture so that your users aren’t required to click in specific fields before scanning.


Contact us if you’d like to discuss using barcodes with FileMaker Pro!

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NRGship is Compatible with Claris FileMaker Pro 2023

NRG Software is excited to announced that current builds of all NRGship solutions are compatible with the Claris FileMaker Pro 2023 release that offers improvide performance, scalability and enhanced security. Internal testing has not uncovered any issues. As with any upgrade, we suggest customers test their integration before upgrading production systems. Customers using NRG Ship Connect should email for upgrade information.

As always, we highly suggest updating NRGship alongside any Claris FileMaker Pro upgrades.

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NRGship Pro for UPS offers custom label options

NRGship Pro for UPS recently added support for printing QR codes at the bottom of ship labels. The QR code can be used to provide scannable links for a variety of needs like product information, discounts, or simplified returns.

By switching to longer UPS 4×8 label stock, you can now choose to print a shipment label header, custom label messaging (perfect for gift boxes!), 4×2 logo or the new QR code messaging.

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EcoShip promotes shipping material reuse

EcoShip is a nonprofit in the Chicagoland area that collects gently used shipping material and distribues them to over 250 local businesses and individuals.

The process is simple:

  • EcoShip offers collection pop-up events and dropoff points around the city where they accept specific items
  • Businesses can order materials via their website for a scheduled pickup at their storage unit at no cost

EcoShip also has a library of videos to help promote use of sustainable materials.

While there are other businesses who offer shipping materials for a discount, we believe EcoShip is the only nonprofit in this space.

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