How it Works


Easy Integration

Integrates with Ecommerce, CRM or order entry systems and is ideal for medium sized business and online retailers

Validation Features

Real-time CASS™ address standardization, USPS® CASS™ certified, DPV™ (Verifies Accuracy of Deliverable Addresses), RDI™ (indicates residence, business or PO Box), and no extra cost for DPV™ and RDI™.

Reduce Errors

Ensures that you are sending to a deliverable addresses.

Save Time

Checks address quality at time of data entry, reduces callbacks to customers to correct errors, and speeds up entry by deriving city-state from zipcode.

Save Money

Reduces shipment surcharges due to bad addressing, saves on address correction and return fees, and eliminates outside vendor data cleaning costs.

Improve Customer Service

Fewer errors means less time between transaction and an accurate delivery.

Did You Know?

Approximately 33% of nearly 200 billion pieces of mail handled each year have address problems that can affect delivery including slowed delivery, non-delivery, returned mail, and mail delivered to the wrong address. Undeliverable mail costs $1.9 billion to process, costs which are passed back to mailers in the form of rate hikes.


 Pricing is tiered based on the number of records you will process per year.

Up to 60,000 records Up to 120,000 records Up to 300,000 records Up to 600,000 records Up to 1,200,000 records






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