MultiPlex™ Enclosed Packing Lists help simplify workflow by combining shipping label and packing list or return information for application to the outside of packages. With the use of these solutions, there is no more need for expensive packing slip pouches. We have partnered with Chicago Tag & Label to provide custom software solutions that can integrate with your ERP solution to merge shipping and pack slip data for creation of MultiPlex labels. Your datasources can be anything – PDF or image files, SQL systems, JSON, XML or text data. The NRG Multiplex solution will be configured to process and output your data with great speed.

NRG’s multi-carrier Ship Connect directly supports output to MultiPlex labels and integrates with a wide range of ERP solutions. NRG staff will work with you to convert existing paper packing slip data to fit on MultiPlex labels.

Please contact our sales department if you’d like to hear more about how our Multiplex solutions can simplify your fulfillment workflow.