FileMaker Integration

If you are integrating yourself, we provide documentation and sample files with each solution. NRG provides integration support to insure your success. Don’t have a developer on staff? Not to worry. NRG can work with you to provide integration services.

In many cases, our customers discover that they can improve the workflow in their own systems at the same time they integrate with NRG. Regardless of who does your integration, you’ll want to consider these questions in the planning stage:

  • How do you rate, ship and track today? Will you need to integrate all three carriers?
  • How many users will be involved in shipping, rating or tracking through the system?
  • If shipping multi-carrier, is NRG Ship Connect the right solution?
  • Do you need or have Pack Out from inventory? What about multi-package shipments? Do you ever gang multiple orders to one shipment?
  • How much international shipping do you do? Is it worth it to integrate customs information from your system?
  • Do you need to provide returns management? If so, what carrier services?
  • Do you want to validate addresses before the shipment is created? or within NRG?
  • How will you need to provide tracking status, results and shipping costs in your system?
  • What’s missing in your solution that will need to be added just to integrate shipping properly?
  • How will you evaluate the ROI to integrate NRG solutions?

Requirements & Developer Info

Here’s what you need to know:

  • The files are optimized for FileMaker 18 and above. We strongly recommend using the latest 19.x release.
  • We provide our own helper applications to communicate with USB scales and thermal printers.
  • We utilize several of the Troi Plugins which get installed via the NRGship installer.
  • Database files are accessible to developers, but because we provide updates we highly recommend that you don’t adjust the interface.
  • Most Scripts can be viewed, but not modified. Scripts which communicate with the carriers are locked due to certification. End-user scripts are accessible to enhance functionality.
  • Developer documentation and sample scripts are provided for quick integration.

FileMaker Ship Connect Integration

Ship Connect files are setup by NRG using your carrier account information.

The best starting point is to schedule an online meeting where we can demonstrate the full functionality of the software and integration information. After that, a trial demo can be arranged prior to purchasing.