If you’re using an older version of NRGship FM for UPS, NRGship FM for FedEx, or NRG Ship Connect, it’s likely a good opportunity to upgrade NRG to the latest version before updating to FileMaker Pro v19. For single carrier products, you can easily update on your own by following the UPS or FedEx upgrade instructions. Upgrading multi-carrier Ship Connect is best done by NRG Support following our upgrade best practices.

There are many reasons to upgrade!

  • New functionality in NRGship
    • Interface improvements
    • Access the latest carrier option and services
    • More easily select connected thermal printers
  • NRG solutions utilize third-party FileMaker plugins
    • Plugins often should be updated for newer FileMaker versions for better performance and compatibility
    • Plugins get auto-updated when new NRG solutions are launched for the first time

Note that NRG solutions are built and tested to run on the latest versions of Claris FileMaker Pro. Versions of FileMaker Pro before v19 have been End Of Life since mid-2021 and earlier. Often when replacing your Mac or Windows PC, you’ll find that older FileMaker versions just don’t run properly and you will need to upgrade.

Contact us any time if you have questions or need help with your NRG update!