Recently we did a project where we assisted with editing specific content areas on a WordPress site with data from Claris FileMaker Pro. Rather than adjust the whole web page, we had the Post Snippets for WordPress plugin modified so that their plugin could be accessed via REST API to simplify changing of data.

In this specific use case, our customer runs multiple soup locations and the soup availability changes from day to day. They maintain an internal production schedule in FileMaker Pro so it was only natual to extend their store offerings to be managed using a similar method.

Previously, store staff had to maintain the website manually on a daily basis. Now store staff can login to a WebDirect area where the soup offerings can be scheduled thru a calendar interface into the future for weeks at a time.

On the website itself, the web designer mocked up the site using slugs of data which then get substituted with the dynamic content when viewed.

During the day, the soup market staff can log back in to the web portal and update the offerings for the current day if they run out or need to substitute with a new product. When changes are complete, the website is immediately updated.

Store Managers can also access an admin page on the site to print out internal store signage which pulls pages from WordPress without the header/footer information to display available soups at point of purchase.

In addition, we were able to automate the creation of hundreds of pages in WordPress containing ingredients for each soup. Now, if a recipe changes, the website is updated immediately to reflect the change so the customers can check for any food sensitivity issues.

Please contact our sales department if you’d like to discuss ways that NRG Software can help you automate your WordPress site.