We’ve heard it in the past – why should I use your solution when I could write my own.  With the recent release of FileMaker Pro v16 which offers some new web service capabilities, we thought it was a good time to address why you should use a carrier-certified solution over creating a one-off solution. Let’s start with some history. NRGship for UPS started over 10 years ago as that one-off solution with hundreds of hours of development time – our client couldn’t possibly have justified the cost of development. Working with UPS, we became the first UPS Ready provider to offer a solution for shipping on the Mac. Over the years and thousands of hours later, we’re a UPS Strategic Partner and are their go-to offering for the Mac. We are also FedEx Compatible and have additional solutions for USPS and various freight carriers.

NRG is Shipping

We still do custom development, but our core business is shipping. We work with all of the major carriers and go thru a lengthy certification process which insures that our software is able to interface without error. In addition, we have written our own connectivity to hardware like digital scales and thermal printers. While shipping is often and afterthought in most businesses, it’s often the most critical as shipping means you can send out invoices, and invoices means money! When the shipping department has issues, NRG becomes your customers point of support to assist with any questions.

Seamless Integration

NRGship is not a plugin, it is a set of FileMaker Pro databases which mirror the functionality of carrier desktop software. Some FileMaker plugins provide limited rating and shipping capabilities whereas NRG solutions support all available carrier service options. A “build your own” solution may get you simple labels with a day or two of effort, but many shippers require functionality like discounted rates, third-party billing, COD and international forms which add significant complexity. We provide multiple options for integration depending on your level of developer savviness. There is no need to worry about the internals of the NRGship files.  You can ship direct from your interface or thru ours. NRGship support can work with you to determine what makes the most sense for you or your customer.

Works With All Versions of FileMaker

NRG has provided shipping solutions since the release of FileMaker Pro v7. While our current offerings work best with FileMaker Pro v15 and above, we do support older FileMaker Pro versions with legacy offerings.

Ready to Go

NRGship is proven by thousands of installs. Depending on volume, some shippers can even qualify for carrier subsidies which will provide up to three years of support and maintenance. Spend less time troubleshooting and get shipping today!